Dr Oz: Throwing Up In Your Mouth, Bladder Training + When To Douche


Dr Oz Shame Files: Your Most Mortifying Moments Ever

Dr Oz delved into the Shame Files to help the audience understand that you are not alone when you have a humiliating health moment. Has one of these embarrassing situations ever happened in your life? Dr Oz shared advice about bladder training, throwing up in your mouth, and the one time it’s OK to douche.

Dr Oz: Urge Incontinence Bladder Training

Yvette confessed the first mortifying moment. From the shadows, she told her story. She was driving home when she got the urge to pee. She sped up to race home, but before she could make it to her exit, she was pulled over for speeding.


She came into the studio and told the rest of the story. She couldn’t hold it any longer, so she had an accident in her car, but at least it got her out of the ticket!

Dr Oz: Throwing Up In Your Mouth, Bladder Training + When To Douche

Have you ever been surprised by the sudden urge to urinate at an inopportune time? Dr Oz said you can avoid this problem with consistent Bladder Training.

Doctor Oz said the bladder is surrounded by muscle walls that relax when the bladder is full. But it can be hard to hold it in, especially when you get nervous. Urge Incontinence can be a problem for women and men when you hold it for too long.


Sometimes it can lead to kidney problems or bladder infections. Dr Oz said that 30% of people get the sudden urge to go. His advice was to remind yourself to urinate and train your bladder to go at certain times.

Dr Oz: Betadine Douche for Sand “Down There”

Tavia told the story of her surprise vacation in Miami. She and her boyfriend found themselves alone on the beach, and they decided to have a romantic romp by the ocean. But a few minutes later, she started feeling something rough in a sensitive area.

Dr Lauren Streicher joined Tavia on Dr Oz’s stage, and they talked about sand in the vagina. Tavia said she had problems cleaning the area out, and the discomfort lasted for a few days. Dr Streicher said that gynecologists are used to hearing these types of questions and issues, so don’t be afraid to bring things up.

Even hanging out at the beach or playing in the water could get sand in a sensitive spot, and salty water could make the situation worse. Dr Oz said that this is a common issue based on viewer questions.

Sand can get stuck in the vaginal walls, which Tavia said felt like sandpaper. Dr Streicher explained the remedy so you can know what to do next time. In most circumstances, douching is not recommended, but this is an exception. Look for a medicated Betadine Douche over the counter at the drugstore, followed by water, until all the sand is out.

Do not just try to wait it out. Just know that you will rinse out good bacteria in the process, so you should use a product such as RePhresh, to balance your internal pH.

Dr Oz: Throwing Up In Your Mouth + Should You Swallow a Vurp?

Julianna got a weird feeling at a work dinner, and when she attempted to burp, some vomit came into her mouth. In the panic of the moment, she swallowed what came up. She bravely told Dr Oz that she was new at the job and didn’t know her co-workers very well, so she tried to keep the situation to herself.

Dr Oz said this is a Vurp, when you burp and vomit. Pressure from gas and stomach acid can build up and travel to the esophagus. “This is what I would call throwing up in your mouth,” Dr Oz said.

Julianna said that this happens to her commonly, but it is usually at home under less stressful circumstances. Dr Oz said you should not swallow a Vurp, and it can be a symptom of Acid Reflux, which is common.

Cut back on alcohol and spicy foods if you are worried about this. Eating too fast can also cause this issue, so be careful! Use the hashtag #ozshamefiles to share your own embarrassing stories on social media.


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