Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo: How to Talk to the Dead & Automatic Writing


Dr Oz: Teresa Caputo

Do you believe in the afterlife? What about psychics who can communicate with the dead? Psychic and reality TV personality Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s Long Island Medium, shared her special abilities with Dr Oz’s audience. Theresa Took On Skeptics before helping Dr Oz’s audience learn to tap into their own abilities to communicate with the other side. Her advice on How To Talk To The Dead included a technique called Automatic Writing.

Dr Oz: How To Talk To The Dead

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo shared her strategies for How To Talk To The Dead, via meditation or Automatic Writing.


Dr Oz: How To Talk To The Dead

Kim was among the interested audience members with questions for Theresa. She explained that she has had dreams over the years that loved ones have come to visit with her. She wondered what this could mean and whether it is a premonition.

Theresa Caputo shared her own understanding of the psychic connection. She suggested that if you have a vivid recollection of a person from your dreams, after which you wake up feeling that you were just with that person, this is a visitation.

She said it means the person’s soul was with you. Even strange coincidences, such as hearing a personally meaningful song on the radio, can be a sign of spiritual communication or someone reaching out to you.


Theresa Caputo: Let Go Of Fear

Kim said that she sometimes sees a stranger in public who looks exactly like her deceased mother. Theresa said this can be another instance of a spirit reaching out to you. Meditation can be a good technique for clearing your mind and allowing open lines of communication.

The Long Island Medium explained that visions often occur in the middle of the night, because that’s when our minds our clear. Dreams, feelings, and meditation are all ways we can get in touch with the spirit world, according to Theresa.

Dr Oz: Automatic Writing

There’s another technique you can try when hoping to get in touch with a lost loved one. Theresa Caputo shared a method she was once taught. She said you can just write down the things you are feeling, such as a flash or emotion that pops into your head.

Whatever you get down on paper, and whether you do it with words or sketches, it can begin an open line of communication. Dr Oz called this Automatic Writing technique intriguing.

If you want to see more of Theresa in action, look for a new season of her TLC series Long Island Medium in fall 2012.


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