Dr Oz: Temporary Tampon Leaky Bladder Remedy & Vitamin D Dosage


The Problem You Don’t Tell Your Friends About: Leaky Bladder

It’s not something you might want to bring up with your friends, but 25% of women over age 40 have a Leaky Bladder, according to Dr Oz. Do you know what to do to alleviate the symptoms, or why they happen in the first place? Check out Dr Oz’s Tampon Leaky Bladder solution for short-term relief.

Dr Oz: Temporary Tampon Leaky Bladder Remedy & Vitamin D Dosage

Do you have a Leaky Bladder causing problems for you at inopportune times? Dr Oz explained the cause and how a temporary tampon trick could give you relief.


With an Assistant of the Day, Dr Oz talked to us about this health issue that people don’t always want to talk about. Brittany and her sister surprised her mother for her 50th birthday by flying her to New York for a trip to Dr Oz’s show.

Dr Oz: What Causes Leaky Bladder?

Laughing, sneezing, and coughing may sometimes cause leaking, which is often a sign of a leaky bladder. Dr Oz invited Brittany’s mom Lisa and her sister Megan to participate in the lesson as well. It sounded like a perfect birthday, until they had to help Dr Oz demonstrate incontinence.

What are some of the factors that weaken your Pelvic Floor throughout life? Childbirth and Weight Gain are two common issues. The Pelvic Floor is above the Bladder, and it can put pressure on the organ when you have these factors.


That sets you up for a Leaky Bladder, which can be inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing.

Dr Oz: Temporary Tampon Leaky Bladder Remedy

What can you do if you have a Leaky Bladder? Dr Oz said that one solution for temporary relief is a tampon. If you are going out for an evening, this can give your urethra some short-term support, but don’t use it for longer than six to eight hours.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D for Leaky Bladder

Another option for patients with a Leaky Bladder is Vitamin D. If you have low levels of this vitamin, you could be more prone to these problems. Try getting a dosage of 1000 units of Vitamin D into your routine for relief.



  1. Jenn Blair says

    Hey Pat, so how is this supposed to work? I don’t have leaky bladder… but if I did, I KNOW shoving a tampon UP my urethra is not going to solve anything. Am I missing something here?

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