Dr Oz: Symptoms of Vaginal Itching Treated with Breathable Panty Liner


Dr Oz: Alternative Medicine For PMS Relief

Dr. Oz revealed some things female doctors know that male doctors do not. He talked with three female physicians who shared why female gynecologists are better than male gynecologists and they also had an alternative medicine to lessen the symptoms of PMS.

Dr Oz: Be Honest With Your Doctor For Best Treatment

Dr. Oz said a lot of patients, both men and women, are too embarrassed to ask questions about certain problems when they are talking with a male doctor as opposed to a female doctor, which is not good. Dr. Jennifer Landa said it is important to be honest about your health with your doctor so they can help you to the best of their abilities. She added that it would be hard to shock most doctors.


Dr Oz: Symptoms of Vaginal Itching Treated with Breathable Panty Liner

Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Lanza went over how to stop vaginal itching and how male gynecologists spend more time with patients than female gynecologists.

Dr Oz: Why Does Vaginal Itching Happen?

Dr. Landa offered her services to Dr. Oz’s audience and answered some of the questions they were too embarrassed to ask a male doctor.

The first woman with a question told Dr. Landa she experiences itching in her female region and she wanted to know why it happens. Dr. Landa said most women will experience vaginal itching around the time of their period because of pH changes that occur. She said the itching could also be caused by panty liners because many of them contain perfumes and dyes which cause irritation. They also prevent air from getting into that area.  Dr. Landa told her vaginal itching is very common but it is important to see a doctor to rule out a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.


Dr Oz: Breathable Panty Liners Stop Vaginal Itching

Dr. Landa had a few solutions for women experiencing itching down there.

Breathable Panty Liners – Dr. Landa said to look for panty liners with a label reading “breathable” on the package because it allows for better air flow. Also, make sure the panty liners do not have any perfume or dye that could cause irritation.

Vaginal Probiotics – Dr. Landa says these will help to improve the pH imbalance that often occurs during a woman’s period.

Dr Oz: Male Doctors Help Male Patients Lose More Weight

Although this episode may make it seem like male doctors don’t know anything, Dr. Oz said you can learn a lot from a male doctor as well so he brought a few of his colleagues on the stage to answer some fact or fiction statements.

Male doctors are better at helping male patients lose weight than female doctors helping female patients. – Research has shown male doctors to be 60 percent more successful at helping male patients lose weight because they are more straightforward than female doctors.

Female gynecologists spend more time with their patients than male gynecologists. – This statement is false. Studies have shown male gynecologists spend more time with their patients than female gynecologists because they have never personally gone through most of what they see, so they are more likely to spend time with their patients to get to know how they are feeling. Dr. Oz did point out that in all other areas of medicine, the female doctor is spending more time with her patients.


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