Dr Oz: Switching Hands, Mirror Writing + DHA Dose by Dr Majid Fotuhi


Dr Oz: Boost Your Memory in 24 Hours

Do you believe that you could change your memory for the better in just one day? Dr Oz invited the author of Boost Your Brain, Dr Majid Fotuhi, to share a four-step plan on the show.

Brain scans showed before-and-after images of the Hippocampus (memory center), which can grow when it is used, just like muscles in a workout. Dr Majid Fotuhi said that one of his patients was able to grow her brain by as much as 10%.


Aging can cause the Hippocampus to shrink faster than other parts of the brain. However, these effects are reversible, and there are four simple steps to get you there.

Dr Oz: Switching Hands & Mirror Writing

Dr Oz: Switching Hands, Mirror Writing + DHA Dose by Dr Majid Fotuhi

Dr Oz shared four steps to boost your brain, such as switching hands, mirror writing, and a healthy DHA dose from neurologist and author Dr Majid Fotuhi.

Get out of your comfort zone by giving your brain new and different activities, promoting cross training. Try switching your hands by moving your watch from the left hand to the right hand.


Try using your hair dryer with the opposite hand, eating with your non-dominant hand, or practicing writing your name. You can also do Mirror Writing, using both hands to write your name simultaneously, “in opposite directions as if it’s a mirror image,” Dr Fotuhi said.

Two women from the audience tried this, and it was more difficult than they expected. This is something that’s easy for anyone to try.

Dr Oz: Remember Your Grocery List

Memorizing long lists stimulates the Hippocampus, and the more you use it, the better it works. Fotuhi said you can tease your brain and learn ways to keep track of information. Dr Fotuhi taught audience members a technique to break down long lists.

One woman was put on the spot to see if she could remember 20 items from a grocery list he taught her before the show taping. She did a great job of making it through the list, even going in order of the items were presented.

Dr Fotuhi told Dr Oz that you can break down long lists into groups of four, connecting the items in a group with a funny story that will jog your memory.

Dr Oz: DHA Dose of Memory Boosting Pill

DHA Omega 3s are Dr Fotuhi’s recommended memory boosting pill, which can help to increase your brain size and lower your Alzheimer’s Disease risk. Your memory will improve when fueled by DHA to grow the Hippocampus and improve blood flow to the brain.

His advice was to take 600 mg DHA dose per day.

Dr Oz: Do the Cha-Cha for Your Brain

Dancing is a great way to grow your brain and make it stronger. That’s because it cross trains all the areas of the brain at once, with memorization, balance, and the parts of the brain that appreciate music.

This is also a mood-improving, stress-relieving exercise that gets you a fun workout. In fact, any dance would work, but Dr Fotuhi showed Dr Oz some basic Cha-Cha steps. What is your favorite memory boosting secret?


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