Dr Oz: Swan Sleep Position Exercise to Improve Sleep & Bed Fan Review


Dr Oz Valentine’s Day: Sleeping Better

Dr. Oz has introduced some of the most eligible doctors for his Valentine’s Day episode and they revealed some of their best secrets for reducing stress, like drinking grapefruit juice and applying lemon balm lip balm. Keep reading to get even more health tips from some handsome doctors.

Dr Oz: Pillows Support Spine, Improve Sleep

Dr Oz: Swan Sleep Position Exercise to Improve Sleep & Bed Fan Review

Dr. Oz revealed how the swan sleep position can improve sleep, how the bed fan works to cool the bed down and why more pillows means a better night’s sleep.


Since Dr. Oz already touched on stress, he wanted to move on to sleep next and Dr. Hooman Melamed was the doctor he turned to. Dr. Melamed explained to Dr. Oz that we sleep about a third of our lives, so it is very important to be comfortable in order to get a good night’s sleep. He suggested loading your bed up with lots of pillows because they are good for neck support, head support, back support and spine support which leads to a more comfortable sleep and a better morning.

Dr Oz: Room Temperature Key To Good Night’s Sleep

Dr. Matthew Samra is a surgeon in New Jersey and although he may be busy operating on patients he told Dr. Oz he is looking for love.

As for his advice on getting a better night’s sleep, Dr. Samra said a comfortable room temperature at night is key. The temperature in the room should be between 60 and 68 degrees because cooler temperatures actually send signals to the brain that it is time to hit the hay.


Dr Oz: Bed Fan Review

Dr. Samra also brought along a little gadget called a bed fan which is placed at the end of the bed to increase airflow under the sheets and help you get a better night’s sleep. He added that the only time your bed’s temperature should be hot is when you are being romantic.

Dr Oz: Swan Sleep Position For Good Night’s Sleep

Dr. David Forsh was the next eligible doctor to offer some advice on getting a better night’s sleep and this trauma surgeon from New York City told Dr. Oz about a wonderful exercise everyone should do before they go to bed. The exercise is called the swan position and you can do it right in your bed before settling in for the night. To perform it, sit on your bed with one leg folded in front of you and the other folded behind you. Then lean forward onto your pillow, gently stretching your hips and back while focusing on your breathing as you try to relax your entire body.


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