Dr Oz Sudden Temperature Drop Causes Fake Allergy Attacks & Runny Nose


Dr Oz: Cut the Stress Game

Dr. Oz already went over his best ways to reduce stress and then he played a game with two women. The game, Cut the Stress, pits two people against each other as they choose the best item out of two for dealing with stress.

Bell Peppers vs Cucumbers – Dr. Oz said the bell peppers reduce more stress because they have vitamin C which reduces cortisol hormones in the body.


Peppermint Oil vs Eye Mask – Dr.Oz said the answer is an eye mask. By making the room darker, you force your body to create more melatonin which helps to calm you. He pointed out that the peppermint oil can make you more alert and actually cause more stress.

Tennis Balls vs Bicycle Helmet – Dr. Oz said the tennis balls can reduce stress because they can be used to relax tense muscles by squeezing the balls or by rubbing them on a tender spot.

Weather Affects the Body Significantly

Dr Oz Sudden Temperature Drop Causes Fake Allergy Attacks & Runny Nose

Dr. Oz talked with meteorologist Ginger Zee about how a drop in temperature can cause someone to have a fake allergy attack and how humidity causes dehydration.


We all know cold weather can cause joint pain but that isn’t the only thing the weather can cause in our bodies. Ginger Zee, a meteorologist with ABC, said the weather can change everything from your mood to your health and it can all happen in a matter of minutes.

Sudden Drops In Temperature Create Fake Allergy Attacks

Sudden temperature changes can cause a lot of problems for our bodies but Dr. Oz said one problem many people are unaware of is fake allergy attacks. Dr. Oz said this can occur when a sudden drop in temperature happens.

He explained your nose is very sensitive and when the temperature drops suddenly, the cold air fills the inside of your nose. This stimulates the many different nerves in the nose causing blood vessels to spasm and fluid to be secreted by cells in an effort to protect themselves.

Although these may seem like allergy symptoms, Dr. Oz said it’s actually a fake allergy attack. When you have a real allergy attack, your nose, throat and eyes will become itchy, not just one of them.

In order to clear up the problem, Dr. Oz suggested using saline nasal spray. He cautioned against using an antihistamine because that type of medication fights allergies, which would not be present in this situation.

Low Air Pressure From Thunderstorms Causes Asthma Problems

Ginger Zee said when a thunderstorm is about to hit, the air pressure in the area drops significantly and the air begins to thin out. This can cause you to feel quite a difference if you have asthma problems.

Dr. Oz said when the air thins out, it can make it harder to breathe for someone with asthma. His advice was to stay in the house, close the windows make sure the AC is off because that will simply blow more thin air into the house.

Humidity Causes Dehydration

Although it may sound counterintuitive, Dr. Oz said humidity can actually cause you to become dehydrated which can lead to a number of health problems.

He explained when become hot, you begin to sweat. This moisture is then released into the air and off it goes. But when it is humid outside, you begin to sweat to cool yourself down but since there is so much moisture in the air, the sweat on your body does not evaporate. Instead the body continues to make more causing you to become dehydrated.

He suggested drinking a lot of water about 30 minutes before going outside to combat the humidity.

Ginger Zee reminded everyone that relative humidity is not the number you should be looking at when gauging the humidity. She said to watch the dew point. If the dew point is around 65 it means it will be uncomfortable outside but when it is at or above 70, then it means the humidity levels could be dangerous.


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