Dr Oz: Stretch Marks, Stretched Tattoos, Bad Breath & Eye Boogers


Dr Oz Gone Wild

Dr Oz loves getting questions from people, which is a good thing since it seems to happen to him everywhere he goes. This episode tackled 50 questions from viewers around the country about every topic imaginable, from Colonics and Bad Breath to Thinning Hair and even Eye Boogers. Read on to see if Dr Oz has the answer to these burning medical and health questions.

Eye Booger Remedy: Dr Oz

Eye Twitching, Eye Boogers & Stretched Tattoo: Dr Oz

Is your eye constantly twitching? What causes eye boogers? How can you fix a stretched tattoo? Dr Oz had answers.


You’ve probably had it before, or seen it on your kids or maybe even your dog. But what is an eye Booger and what causes it? Dr Oz explained that this is the result of clogged sinuses. You may notice that there’s no easy way to wash this away or clear it up, unless you address the problem. To do that, you’ll need to use a Saline Spray or Neti Pot to clear out the sinuses.

Dr Oz: Eye Twitching Solution

Do your eyes twitch sometimes, apparently for no reason? That was another question Dr Oz got during the show. He said this could suggest that you have had too much caffeine. But Eye Twitching is common and not really dangerous. The cure is simple: cut down on caffeine and you should see a difference.

Dr Oz suggested that coffee lovers keep their consumption down to two cups per day. I’d like to see him try to take my coffee mug away. (And if he succeeded, I’d just grab a Diet Coke.)


Dr Oz: Bad Breath Low Carb Diet

Halitosis, or Bad Breath, is something that’s happened to all of us. But where does it come from, and is there anything we can do about it? Dr Oz reported that your diet could be to blame. If you are on a low carb diet, your body tends to go into a survival mode as if it is being starved.

To reverse the problem, you would have to tweak your diet and add “a fistful” of healthy carbs to your daily routine. Try to pick out whole grains or whole wheat pastas so you can still stay on the healthy side.

Weight Loss Thinning Hair Remedy

Could your weight loss be causing thinning hair? Dr Oz said the answer to this question is yes, and it could suggest that you’re not getting enough protein. To fix it, you could try to add one large egg and 1/4 cup of mixed nuts to your daily diet.

Stretch Mark Remedy

Many women, especially new moms, have asked Dr Oz and his staff to address the issue of stretch marks. Do the home remedies really work? Dr Oz said no, they don’t. The cocoa butter lotion or moisturizers you’re being sold aren’t going to do the trick. The only truly effective route is laser treatment, which can reduce their appearance, but it’s probably not cheap.

Dr Oz: Colonics Weight Loss

Colonics are a popular Hollywood beauty treatment, but they probably won’t help you shed those extra pounds. Dr Oz reported that they don’t really work for weight loss. But his concern about the practice is something potentially more serious. They’re washing away a natural barrier, the protective lining that coats your intestinal walls. Dr Oz does not recommend colonics.

Dr Oz: Stretched Tattoo Remedy

Getting a tattoo when you’re young is something you may grow to regret (especially if it’s the name of your high school love). But one reason you may not have thought about is that you could gain weight and stretch out your skin, and the tattoo you’ve had done.

This can cause it to seem droopy or sad. But Dr Oz said you don’t want to go too crazy trying to lose weight. He said slow and steady is the best route to getting your tattoo looking fresh and healthy again. Try maintaining a healthy diet and don’t go to extremes. He recommended attempting to lose only one or two pounds each week.

Green Vegetables Stomach Pain

Dr Oz also took a question about those gurgling stomachs that sometimes bother us when we eat green veggies. He had a quick fix for this also: just mix in some whole grains with your greens.


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