Dr Oz: Stop Back Pain, Migraines Without Meds & The Melt Method Review


Dr Oz: Stop Pain Without Medications

Dr. Oz’s next guest was a woman who claimed she can melt away pain without any type of medication. Keep reading to find out how you can start living pain free today without ever having to take a pill again.

Dr Oz: The Melt Method Review

Are you always in pain? Does your neck hurt after a long day at work or is your back constantly sore form the moment you wake up until the moment you lay down? A lot of Americans deal with pain every day but according to Sue Hitzmann, author of The Melt Method, it is possible to melt away pain and never have to take any sort of medication for it again.


Hitzmann told Dr. Oz her Melt Method is a self-treating method to help you stay pain free for good. Hitzmann, who works as a manual therapist, has seen many people walk into her practice suffering from a great deal of pain and taking a ton of medications, so she developed techniques to help anyone in pain feel more empowered and get away from the pain, drug free.

Dr Oz: Dehydration Of Connective Tissue Causes Pain

Do you know what actually causes pain? Hitzmann told Dr. Oz the Melt Method treats the cause of pain, dehydration of the connective tissues in the body. Many people don’t realize this is what causes pain but it is very important to treat. Hitzmann said over time the dehydration begins to accumulate and cause stress, in turn increasing inflammation in the joints and other parts of the body. After years, this inflammation can speed up the aging process and turn minor pain into chronic pain.

Dr Oz: Stop Back Pain, Migraines Without Meds & The Melt Method Review

Dr. Oz learned how the Melt Method can stop pain, from neck pain to migraines, just by using pressure points to rehydrate the connective tissue in the body.


Dr Oz: How To Rehydrate Connective Tissue and Stop Pain

Hitzmann argued connective tissue dehydration is the source of all pain and Dr. Oz wanted to know how we can go about rehydrating the connective tissue. She told him connective tissue is like a dry sponge in the sense that when it is dry and stiff not much can be done, but when moisture is added the sponge becomes more flexible. We need to add moisture to our connective tissue so we can avoid pain.

Dr Oz: Soft Roller, Gentle Pressure Ease Back Pain

The best way to stop back pain is by applying gentle pressure to the areas of pain, said Hitzmann. She suggested using a soft roller, especially for back pain, or soft squishy balls for pain in the hands and feet. The soft roller is great for bringing back moisture to the connective tissue, according to Hitzmann. For anyone who doesn’t have a soft roller, Hitzmann said a rolled up beach towel or yoga mat will work just as well.

Don’t push too hard when applying pressure, though. Hitzmann said while many of us want to push firmly and apply deep pressure to stop the pain, it is not the best way to ease pain. The key is to apply gentle pressure without any additional pain to the parts of the body that hurt.

Dr Oz: Melt Method Stops Migraines

Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from migraine headaches, meaning this is becoming an epidemic. While in the past people believed migraines were a vascular issue, Hitzmann argued they are a neurological issue. By using a ball and her techniques you can tap into certain nerve endings and relieve the pain. This will also bring moisture back to the connective tissue in the body and bring moisture up to your head where it will ease tension and relieve the pain from the migraine.

Hitzmann again emphasized the need to make sure the pressure and compressions are very gentle, which is why it is important to use a soft ball that is squishy rather than firm.


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