Dr. Oz: Steven Tyler 3 Years Sober & Return To American Idol?


Dr. Oz: Steven Tyler Interview

Dr. Oz is a big fan of Steven Tyler and his legendary rock band Aerosmith. The wild frontman and music icon has been going strong for more than 40 years, but as Steven knows better than anyone, there are major downsides to fame and fortune. Steven sat down with Dr. Oz for a one-on-one interview about drug addiction, sobriety, and hitting rock bottom.

Steven Tyler: 3 Years Sober

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler opened up to Dr. Oz about his drug addiction, sobriety, and whether he would ever return to American Idol.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler opened up to Dr. Oz about his drug addiction, sobriety, and whether he would ever return to American Idol.


The crowd was excited to welcome Steven Tyler, who admitted that he is “addicted to adrenaline” and still receives a rush every time he’s greeted by fans; maybe it’s for this reason that Steven has found himself in trouble in the past.

Steven explained that he first became sober in 1988, stayed sober for an impressive 12 years, but later relapsed after having surgeries and using pills. Now, he’s been sober once again for three years.

Dr Oz: Steven Tyler Return To ‘American Idol?’

Since becoming sober, Steven has embarked on some new adventures, including a judging stint on American Idol. But while he enjoyed the experience and loves fellow judge Jennifer Lopez “to death,” he doesn’t think he’ll return to the show for its next season.


Dr Oz & Steven Tyler: “My Sobriety Cost Me Nothing Less Than Everything”

Steven first entered rehab in 1983, and has since been in and out of treatment many times. He says that he first became addicted to using drugs and alcohol when Aerosmith was first starting out. Because hadn’t yet “made it” big, the band would sometimes play three or four shows in a row in order to gain exposure. In order to stay awake, Steven would take shots of booze or snort cocaine, the latter of which he called “Peruvian marching powder.”

Steven was brutally honest as to why he wanted to discuss his drug addiction with Dr. Oz. He said that he wasn’t trying to tell people not to drink or do drugs. But in his case, “I did it so much I couldn’t stop,” he explained.

“My sobriety cost me nothing less than everything,” he said, including his marriages, and nearly his relationships with his children. He couldn’t pinpoint an exact moment that he hit rock bottom, but credited the words of a therapist to really jolting him out of his drug-addicted stupor. “Your best thinking got you here,” the therapist told him, after which Steven cried in his room and really evaluated the changes he wanted to make in his life.


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