Dr Oz: Stacia Woodcock’s Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist


Dr Oz: What To Ask Your Pharmacist

Do you have questions when it comes to your prescriptions, or even your over the counter medicines? Are you unsure about how drugs will interact or which product is best for your symptoms? Dr Oz invited Walgreens Pharmacist Stacia Woodcock to help everyone understand how your pharmacist can be a health resource for you.

Dr Oz: What Medicine Is Right For Me?

Dr Oz: Ask A Pharmacist

Don't be shy about asking your pharmacist for advice. They are here to help you understand your medication.

Stacia said the best thing you can ask your pharmacist is why a particular medication is best for you. With so many different types of products on the market, the choices can be overwhelming. Talking to your pharmacist can help you find which over the counter or prescription products are best for your personal needs.


Pharmacists are trained in a variety of health issues, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and many more. They can help answer your questions or understand medications you’re taking.

They can also help you understand the right types of nonprescription products you should choose, such as cold and allergy medicines. Tell them your symptoms and what other drugs you’re currently taking so they can make the most accurate personalized recommendation.

Doctor Oz: Is This Medicine Safe For Me?

Pharmacists will take a look at what prescriptions you are filling, along with any other active prescriptions you have. Stacia said that is why it’s best to fill all your prescriptions at the same pharmacy, so they can keep a record of your medications and alert you to any interactions.


If you’re not having everything filled at one place, be sure to inform your pharmacist about everything you’re taking. Even simple medicines like antacid could have interactions, so don’t leave anything out.

Dr Oz: Managing Side Effects

Pharmacists can also help you understand the side effects of any medicines you’re taking. They can let you know what to expect, or how to avoid certain problems that come from different medications and prescriptions.

One tip Stacia mentioned is that if you take a Probiotic along with your Antibiotics, it can prevent unwanted side effects such as a Yeast Infection.

Dr Oz: Walgreens Pharmacists

Stacia said you can find a local pharmacist to help you by visiting Walgreens.com and searching in your area. Just use your ZIP code to get started.


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