Dr Oz: Spirulina, Trident Vitality & Energy Boost Survival Kit


Dr Oz: Energy Boosting Secrets

Do you find that you can’t make it through the day without feeling run down and groggy? Are you overtired and stressed out? A lot of people are, and that’s why Dr Oz talked about ways we can all get more energy. He wanted to share some easy ways we can all jump start our routine.

But first, Doctor Oz himself made a surprise appearance at a coffee shop, taking customer orders. I would feel self conscious about ordering a greasy breakfast from Dr Oz, and he did mention that we should skip the fatty favorites on the menu.


The customers he talked to rated their average daily energy level around 5 to 8 on a scale of 1-10. Most of them agreed that coffee was the key to maintaining energy throughout the day. One woman said she has four cups of coffee every morning, but is usually wiped out by the afternoon.

Dr Oz: Energy Boost Survival

Learn the swaps you can add to your morning tea or coffee for an energy boost.

What sucks your energy the most? Dr Oz asked some of these cafe customers, and their answers included stress and parenthood. One woman said that she has the lowest energy in the evening, after work.


Dr Oz: Spirulina Cubes for Energy

Back in the studio, Dr Oz met Pria, who said she takes naps and uses vitamins to give herself an energy boost, but she isn’t happy with the results she’s getting. She is still worn out at the end of the day.

Doctor Oz told her to try Sprulina energy cubes. Spirulina is a blue-green algae. Here’s how to make the Energy Cubes. Mix 1 teaspoon of Spirulina with 12 ounces of Lime Juice. Then pour this into an ice cube tray and freeze it. When you need a pick me up, add two of these cubes to an 8 ounce glass of water.

Dr Oz: Moringa Oleifera Extract

The next booster on Dr Oz’s list is a centuries old Himalayan remedy. These plant leaves have three times the Iron content of Spinach, as well as Antioxidants. The recommended dosage is 400 mg daily, or you can make a breakfast tea out of it. It won’t give you the afternoon crash that you get from caffeinated beverages.

Dr Oz: Deep Breath Blast Trick

Crystal was also in the audience, and she said she notices her energy level fluctuates throughout the day. It’s low in the morning, so sometimes she’ll wake up and decide to go back to bed until noon.

Dr Oz said you can use your breath to create more energy, by moving the air from the bottom of your lungs. The trick is to ensure that you’re engaging your Diaphragm in the breathing process.

He suggested wrapping a belt around your torso, under the nipples for men, or under the breasts for women. Tighten the belt and put a hand under your belly button. Then take 10 deep breaths each morning, in for four seconds, then out for four seconds. Use your hand to pull the belly button toward the spine with each breath.

Doctor Oz: Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Oil

Doctor Oz suggested putting together a Survival Kit to keep on hand when you need an energy boost, sort of like a first aid kit. He recommended collecting products like Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Oil, and products like Trident Vitality Gum and Origins Moisturizer. The Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Oil is a secret weapon, because it contains fatigue fighting Flavonoids.

Trident Vitality Gum Review

If you’re not a fan of tea, try keeping Trident Vitality Gum handy. It’s got Ginseng, a natural stimulant to keep you energetic.

Shop for Trident Vitality Gum.

Origins Moisturizer Review

The Origins Moisturizer can give you that jump start thanks to its secret ingredient, Cordyceps Mushrooms. Keep it handy for when you need a quick boost.

Dr Oz: Power Down Pressure Point Technique

When you’re ready to unwind and relax, try this energy technique. Turn off your cell phone and the TV. Then place a finger between your eyes, on the brow bone. Rub this spot for a few minutes before bed, and see if you don’t wake up more rested and refreshed.

Dark Chocolate & Heart Health

Here are a few ways you can squeeze more energy into your morning tea or coffee. Add Dark Chocolate as a sweetener, to get the boost from its Flavonoids.

Dr Oz: Black Strap Molasses Tea

You can also try adding fat free Black Strap Molasses to your tea or coffee, for its low calorie Iron boost.

Dr Oz: Date Sugar for Coffee

Date Sugar is high in fiber, an energy booster that doesn’t have the high calories of refined white sugar. It’s derived from ground dates, which means it contains the fruit’s minerals and vitamins, making it a healthy natural alternative.

Dr Oz: Raw Honey Crystals

For your cold beverages, such as Iced Coffee, skip the sugar and swap in Raw Honey Crystals. They are a lower Glycemic Index compared to sugar, which means you won’t be hit by a junk food craving later.


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