Dr Oz: Spicy Detox Water Reverse Fatty Liver Disease & Meal Plan


Dr Oz: Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

While discussing the ins and outs of fatty liver disease, Dr Oz and registered dietitian Dr Kristin Kirkpatrick, author of “Skinny Liver” explained that you can easily repair your liver. To go from “fat to skinny” all you have to do is follow Dr Kirkpatrick’s plan. She explained that the liver has an amazing ability to regenerate, and is the only organ to do. It’s important to jump on your health early and make changes to reverse the damage that has been done. To reduce inflammation, detox the liver, and reduce fat in the liver, Dr Kirkpatrick has just the plan to follow.

Dr Oz: How The Liver Works & How To Reboot Your Liver

Dr Oz used a visual demonstration to explain what rebooting your liver can really do for you. The liver has multiple filters as well as tissue and enzymes working for it. It’s our biggest organ and its job is to filter out junk. When you indulge in sugary foods, including alcohol, the liver gets overloaded and it’s hard for the liver to filter it through. Instead, it accumulates and your body converts it to fat and you develop fatty liver disease. But when you eat a healthy diet, suddenly you can filter things through the way its supposed to happen.



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