Dr Oz: Social Interactions Lower RealAge & Vitamin D Slows Aging Down


Dr Oz: Quit Smoking To Reverse Effects Of Smoking By 100 Percent

Dr. Oz went over his RealAge Test and looked at some of the questions you are going to answer when taking the test. He also went over different types of “agers” that could be making you age faster than you should be. But don’t worry. According to Dr. Oz, by making a few simple lifestyle changes you can knock up to 10 years off your appearance and start feeling healthier than ever. Did you know just by quitting smoking today, you can lower your RealAge number and reverse the damage of smoking by 100 percent?

Dr Oz: Social Interactions Lower RealAge By 8.5 Years

Dr. Oz said stress is the biggest cause of aging. Stress can take more years off your life than poor eating habits and even smoking, according to Dr. Oz. Stress Super Agers affect the entire body, making it age faster than it should. Check out some of the simple lifestyle changes below that can lower your stress and add years to your life.


Dr Oz: Social Interactions Lower RealAge & Vitamin D Slows Aging Down

Dr. Oz went over some lifestyle changes everyone can make to lower their RealAge, like social interactions, quitting smoking and taking vitamin D3 supplements.

  • Walking – Dr. Mike Roizen said walking can lower your stress and lower your RealAge by 12 years.
  • Cardio Exercise – Doing activities that raise your heart rate three times per week for 20 minutes each day will lower RealAge.
  • Weight Lifting – Adding 30 minutes of strength training per week will help you lower your RealAge.
  • Meditation – Lowers RealAge by 1.7 years
  • Social Interactions – Lowers RealAge by 8.5 years

Dr Oz: Aspirin Lowers Risk For Heart Disease

Dr. Oz said people who live in Sacramento, California are some of the healthiest people in America because many of them take aspirin on a daily basis. Dr. Oz explained that aspirin has been shown to lower the risk for heart disease and some cancers, as well as having the ability to lower your RealAge by a few years.

Dr Oz: Three Step Vitamin D Plan To Look 10 Years Younger

Dr. Oz had a three step vitamin D plan that will make you feel and look 10 years younger:

  • Spend 5 to 10 minutes in the sun with your hands and face exposed.
  • Eat foods that contain vitamin D, like mackerel, mushrooms, egg yolks and orange juice.
  • Take a vitamin D3 supplement containing 1,000 IU. This will help the body get enough vitamin D since it is hard to get vitamin D through diet alone.

Dr Oz: C-Reactive Protein Test Review

Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Keith Roach, founders of RealAge, suggested everyone take a C-Reactive Protein Test because it will reveal the amount of inflammation in your body, the root cause of most diseases. You can get the test done at a hospital and you are looking to have a number below one.

Dr Oz: Flossing Lowers RealAge By Six Years

Dr. Michael Roizen said flossing you teeth daily will reduce inflammation in the mouth. He explained that inflammation and periodontal disease are two big causes of aging. By simply flossing every single day you can slow down the aging process. Just flossing for 120 seconds every single day will lower your RealAge by six years.

Dr Oz: Best Drivers License Photos

Most of the time when you get a new drivers license, you are stuck with an awkward photo of yourself for over 10 years. Dr. Oz revealed his driver’s license to everyone in the audience and showed some of the funnier drivers licenses fans showed him.


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