Dr Oz: Sleeping In On Weekends, Green Tea Coffee Swap + Frozen Meals


Dr Oz: Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For

Dr Oz said that many people try to do all the right things, but sometimes surprises in life can trap you or throw you off course. What are the biggest Health Traps you fall for? Find out how Green Tea, Lavender Oil, and portion control could help you.

Dr Oz: Stress Health Trap

Guest Ozzie is a personal trainer who said that running her own business, traveling between appointments, and trying to drum up clients can be stressful. She admitted that she turns to coffee and chai tea during her breaks during the day, to help manage her stress.


Dr Oz said that Coffee itself could actually be coffee. The caffeine can be beneficial in certain circumstances, but if you are using it throughout the day, it can lead you to an afternoon crash. To make this point, he invited a hula hooper to hula multiple rings at once.

Dr Oz: Green Tea Coffee Swap for Stress

Dr Oz: Sleeping In On Weekends, Green Tea Coffee Swap + Frozen Meals

Dr Oz exposed some of the biggest health traps that women can fall for, explaining why to swap green tea for coffee and why not to sleep in on the weekends.

Though nutrients in coffee and tea can help us, they may also heighten our stress. Dr Oz said they could be sabotaging your stress. He suggested having one cup of coffee in the morning. But if you feel stress throughout the day, switch to Green Tea, which has less caffeine but other boosting chemicals.


Having Oatmeal for breakfast gives you an amino acid that turns into Serotonin, which will give you natural soothing. Find a way to unwind daily, whether it’s walking, deep breathing, or using a scalp massager.

Dr Oz: Diet Health Trap

Countless diets on the market can be getting in your way or not giving you the results you want. Guest Cindy is a yo-yo dieter, and she admitted that she overindulged while she was on vacation. She told Dr Oz her diet foods are typically portion controlled frozen meals, which help her count calories.

But Dr Oz said that Frozen Meals could be a diet trap in Cindy’s life. She wants to keep her calories low, but the FDA allows labels to be off by 20%, which means you could be getting hundreds of extra calories in a day without realizing it.

Dr Oz: Frozen Meal Diet Swap

Dr Oz said that frozen meals are useful if they help you get a concept of portion control. His advice was to limit frozen meals to two or three servings per week. Then add in salad, veggies, fruits, and whole grains to phase yourself off frozen meals and avoid the trap of confusing calories.

Dr Oz Sleep Trap: Sleeping In On Weekends

Are you getting enough sleep? I know I am not. Essie, Dr Oz’s final audience volunteer, said that she never gets a good night’s rest. Even when she is tired, stress and frustration can keep her awake. Dr Oz said that not making time to sleep can be a hazard.

Some people make the mistake of attempting to sleep later on the weekends. But Dr Oz said that sleeping in on the weekends can be a trap, because it disrupts your Circadian Rhythms. Most people sleep an extra hour or two on the weekends, but Dr Oz said this has the same effect on the body as jet lag, making it even harder to get out of bed on Monday.

Dr Oz: Catnap Schedule & Lavender Oil Remedy

Dr Oz said you should stick to your wake up schedule on the weekends, getting up at the same time. You could take a nap during the day, and Dr Oz said he takes a 10-minute catnap every day. (Longer naps can make you feel groggy, he said.)

Try adding Lavender Oil on your pillow or even in your moisturizer to help relax you and counteract insomnia. It’s worth a try if you need some help getting to sleep when your head hits the pillow.


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