Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Raise Cancer Risk in Women & Cause Grogginess


Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Linked to Cancer

You might want to think about putting your sleeping pills away tonight after you read what Dr. Oz has to say about them. He has breaking news about sleeping pills that you are not going to want to miss. He said about one in every four people takes a sleeping pill each night but those same pills could be linked to cancer according to one study. So, keep reading before you lay down tonight. It could save your life.

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Cause Acid Reflux

Dr. Oz has revealed sleeping pills are linked to cancer and the FDA has even recommended the dose for women be cut in half for some types of sleeping pills. Dr. Michael Breus said the recent findings do not surprise him but they are alarming. One of the most startling statistics, specific to women, is that their risk for cancer increases by three and half times just from taking 18 pills in one year.


Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Raise Cancer Risk in Women & Cause Grogginess

Dr. Oz looked at a study which revealed sleeping pills are linked to cancer, women are at higher risk of cancer from sleeping pills and their side effects.

Dr. Breus said the risk of cancer is not the only concern people should have when they take sleeping pills on a regular basis. Some of the other problems that can occur are:

  • Depression
  • Sleep apnea
  • Increased acid reflux
  • Immune function and infections

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Cancer Risk Higher for Women

Dr. Janet Engle said even taking small doses of sleeping pills can cause serious harm. Just like with any prescription medication, there are side effects and risks associated with taking the sleeping pills. She said the risks are higher for women because they metabolize the pills more slowly than men, meaning after eight hours of sleep they may feel drowsy and groggy.


Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Cause Extreme Grogginess

Dr. Michael Breus told Dr. Oz people sometimes add even more risk to already dangerous sleeping pills when they take them with other prescription drugs. He has seen cases where people are so groggy in the morning, they don’t even remember brushing their teeth or putting something on the stove for breakfast.

In many cases, these same people are then driving their children to school while still feeling groggy from their sleeping pills. Dr. Breus said it is similar to being hungover from drinking too much alcohol, except the alcohol actually gets out of your system faster than a sleeping pill.

Dr Oz: Zolpidem, Powerful Sleeping Pill

Dr. Engle explained there are some drugs the FDA is more concerned about because they have powerful and somewhat hypnotic effects on the body. She said this certain family of drugs includes the drug Zolpidem, which is found in the following brands of sleep aids:

  • Ambien
  • Ambien CR
  • Edluar
  • Zolpimist


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