Dr Oz: Signs Of Adult ADHD + Medical Vs Moral Diagnosis


Dr Oz: Adult ADHD & Why It’s Under-Diagnosed

According to Dr Oz, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is not a kids-only diagnosis. Adult ADHD is out there but is often misdiagnosed because the signs can be hard to spot. Dr Oz wanted to share the signs of adult ADHD to possibly give you the answer you’ve been looking for.

He welcomed Dr Edward Hallowell, director of the Hallowell Center of New York and Boston, who said a lot of women have ADHD, and think they’re underachieving because they lack discipline, which he calls the moral diagnosis. He said typically, women are in fact very smart and very creative, they just have trouble focusing. The medical diagnosis rather than the moral diagnosis, can give them a whole new lease on life, according to Dr Hallowell.


Dr Oz: Signs Of Adult ADHD + Medical Vs Moral Diagnosis

Dr Oz explained that ADHD isn’t just a problem for kids, and how you can spot the signs in yourself or someone you love. (Andrii Kondiuk / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Hallowell said there are millions of women out there who could be so much happier in the professional and person lives, if only they could get the right diagnosis. Dr Hallowell explained that it’s not a moral failing, it’s a neurological difference.

Dr Oz: ADHD Quiz + Emotional Outbursts

Dr Oz first asked the question, when you are fighting with a family member, you: talk it out; regroup later; or have an angry outburst and then quickly move on?


Dr Hallowell said the answer for people who are living with ADHD would be the third one, an angry outburst. Dr Hallowell explained that people with ADHD have emotions “that are like a sneeze.”

Dr Oz: Are You A Chatterbox?

Next, Dr Oz asked if your friends would describe you as: a vault of secrets; a chatterbox; or the politician who always knows what to say and when.

Dr Hallowell said the person with ADHD would be the chatterbox, constantly interrupting people, not because they’re rude, but because they’re full of enthusiasm. He said they have trouble staying on topic and getting to the point, and are “victims of their own enthusiasm.”

Dr Hallowell said he describes people with ADHD as having a Ferrari for a brain but with bicycle brakes. So perfect!

Dr Oz: Do You Impulse Buy?

Next, Dr Oz wanted to know about spending habits, so he asked another question. When buying something, do you: research options, save and then buy it; drop hints to your spouse; or snap it up right away?

People with ADHD tend to impulse buy, and impulsivity is one of the characteristics of ADHD.

On a positive note, Dr Hallowell said creativity is impulsivity gone right.

Dr Oz: How Organized Are You?

Lastly, Dr Oz wanted to know if when you look at your desk or closet, is it: a total mess; piles of clutter; or neatly organized?

You may be surprised to find that people with ADHD tend to have piles of clutter, not a total mess, because people with ADHD know where things are, because they have a strange way of locating things. He said it’s not orderly, but it’s not a total mess.

To summarize, signs of ADHD include angry outbursts, always interrupting, impulse buys, and piles of clutter. Dr Hallowell said if you have two or more of the symptoms, combined with the feeling of underachievement, you should talk to a doctor. Looks like I have a phone call to make!


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