Dr Oz: What Your Selfie Says About Your Health + Self-Diagnose


Dr Oz: Take A Closer Look At Your Latest Selfie

Dr Sharon Moalem claims he can look at a person’s face and determine important factors about their health. Sounds crazy, but he’s passionate about genetics. It’s gotten to the point that he can’t look at someone’s face without wanting to diagnose them! Dr Moalem will even stop people, even complete strangers, if he noticed something by looking at their face that he feels they should know about. Fortunately for us, he joined the show to share his talent, so we can look at our own faces and recognize important health cues.

Dr Oz: Thick Eyelashes & Lower-Limb Swelling

If you don’t have a recent one, Dr Oz suggested you take a picture of yourself. Pull out your phone and snap a selfie! Before the show, everyone in the audience took a selfie and Dr Moalem called one woman down. He noticed, by looking at her selfie, that her upper eyelashes were extra-thick. She even had an extra row of eyelashes, which according to Dr Moalem, is the result of changes in a gene called Fox-C2. That factor usually goes along with another condition called¬† lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome, which can cause swelling in the lower limbs.



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