Dr Oz: Secret To All-Day Energy + More Energized, Fight Fatigue


Dr Oz: How To Achieve All-Day Energy

According to Dr Oz, we’re in the middle of an energy crisis: human energy is depleting.¬†Approximately 85% of Americans report waking up tired while 75% say they’re drained during the work day, and the majority of people say they just aren’t getting the sleep they need.

Tim Ferriss, “The 4-Hour Guru” joined Dr Oz with real solutions and a brand new approach that will work in real time. Tim loves to test and do research on anything he’s curious about. He’s tested theories on everything from how to live a healthier life to how to get a better body. This time, after hearing too many people complain about a lack of energy, he logged hours studying energy and fatigue with the help of CEO’s, celebrities, and more. He worked around the clock until he was finally able to reveal the secret to harnessing more energy and sustaining that level of energy.



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