Dr Oz: Save Money On Prescriptions + Buying Medicine Online

Dr Oz: Cheaper Prescription Medications

Because doctors write more than 4 billion prescriptions every year and most of them are good, Dr Oz wanted to take a closer look at the good side of prescription medications. For a lot of people, the costs of their prescription medications are cause of concern, which is why Dr Oz wanted to share a field guide on how to get discounts on prescriptions you can trust. He brought in investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy to share her best solutions to finding cheaper, safe medications.


Dr Oz: Save Money On Prescriptions

Dr Oz: Save Money On Prescriptions + Buying Medicine Online

Dr Oz and Elisabeth Leamy shared great tips for cutting prescription drug costs next time you go to the pharmacy. (86530412@N02 / Flickr)

Elisabeth said warehouse clubs like Sams and Costco have some of the “cheapest prices in the land” for prescriptions. Even better, you don’t have to be a member at those clubs to fill a prescription there! Using a warehouse store pharmacy can save you as much as 77%! Then, pharmacist Lori Arnold shared that if you use a discount card, you can save up to 70% off prescription medications, even if you don’t have insurance. For example, generic Lipitor costs $110 if you pay with cash out of pocket, but if you use the Simple Savings Card, it costs you just $61. With a AAA prescription discount card you can get it for $48 and AARP allows you to get it for $47!


Dr Oz: Buying Prescriptions Online

If you want to buy prescriptions online, you can look for the VIPPS seal on websites that shows it’s a verified online pharmacy.  It a clickable seal so make sure you click on it to see that you’re brought to a screen to show that it’s actually verified. Some websites may try to put up a fake seal. That seal shows that it follows all regulations as an online pharmacy in that specific state. Buy using an online pharmacy, you can save up to 93%!

Lastly, you can split the cost in half by splitting pills. A lot of medications will cost the same, regardless of the number of milligrams of the pill. A month supply of 20 milligram pills of one drug costs $127 and a month supply of 40 milligram pills costs $127 as well. You can split those pills in half, and get a two month supply for the same price. This can’t be done with all pills, but talk to your doctor to be sure!

Dr Oz: Make Medical Information Visible On You Phone

Finally, before the show, Dr Oz talked about an app that lets anyone see your medical information, even when your phone is locked. You enter your medical information such as birthday, medical conditions, allergies, and medications, into the medical ID app. Enter in an emergency contact and then save it. If your phone is locked, you can click on the bottom left of the screen (as long as you have an iPhone) where it says medical ID, and everything will pop up.


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