Dr Oz: Safslim Review with Montel Williams | Does Safflower Oil Work?


Dr Oz: Montel Williams Diet Plan

Dr Oz has said countless times before that the most effective path to weight loss is through diet and exercise. But that doesn’t stop guests from constantly devising new ways to test that theory. Montel Williams returned to Dr Oz’s show to talk about a supplement he said has changed his life. (Previous Montel segments have included Montel’s Energy Boosters & Montel’s Assisted Suicide Debate.) SafSlim, derived from Saffron Oil, was put to the test by a Dr Oz panel. As for Montel, he swears by it and appears as a TV spokesperson for the product. But can it really work?

Safflower Supplement Review: Dr Oz

Safflower Oil & Safslim Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz & Montel Williams gave a Safslim review and discussed the benefits of Safflower Oil products.


Safflower dates back to ancient Egypt and is used in modern times for cooking and in dietary supplements. But could it be true that its health benefits include naturally burning belly fat and controlling your appetite?

Montel Williams was not a believer until he tried it for himself. But the results he said he has experienced were so dramatic that he has now become a paid spokesman. But even Montel wanted to know what Dr Oz’s research would conclude about whether it’s safe to use.

Dr Oz’s gut reaction was that Safslim is too good to be true, which is usually a red flag. He wanted to know more about Montel’s experience with the product. Montel explained that he used it for 11 weeks, and dropped two inches from his waist almost immediately.


Montel was already working out and managing his diet, but he said he noticed a big difference when using this product. Since his first 11-week run, he has taken it more sporadically, but he noticed that the girth returned when he stopped taking it, and went away again when he went back on the supplement.

Montel Williams Safslim Review

He couldn’t account for any other explanation for the changes to his physique, because he said that everything else in his life had remained stable. In fact, Montel was so blown away by his results that he contacted the company and asked to be their spokesman.

Dr Oz and Montel then agreed to show each other and the studio audience their stomachs, to compare Dr Oz’s diet/exercise plan with Montel’s Safslim-boosted belly. Who do you think has the better body?

Montel then got Dr Oz to sample a shot of Safslim, which he compared to a popsicle. Montel explained that the recommended dosage is 2 tablespoons daily, taken about 30 minutes before a meal. He cautioned that you have to also work out and eat right to really see results.

Dr Oz: Safflower Oil Diet Products

There are a variety of ways you can get Safflower Oil in your diet for health and weight loss benefits.

  • Safslim
  • Safflower Oil (2 teaspoons daily)
  • Safflower Oil Supplements (6 grams Linoleic Acid & Omega-6)
  • Sunflower Seeds – 3 teaspoons daily

Does Safslim Work?

Dr Oz explained that belly fat tends to build up around organs. Certain supplements can prevent fat from being absorbed by fat cells, but the big question is what happens to that fat afterward. He asked some experts to take a look Safslim and give their opinions.

Dr Martha Belury said that she believes Safflower Oil does work. Interestingly, she received a $10,000 grant from the company that makes Safslim, though she made sure to point out she wasn’t awarded the grant until after her research was completed.

She explained further that while some people are not losing weight on these products, they are losing fat. She focused her research on obese post-menopausal women, and found that Omega-6 fatty acids have the ability to trick fat cells into releasing fat.

Does Safflower Oil Really Work?

Dr Oz got some second and third opinions, sending research and information from the American Heart Association to four other doctors.

Dr David Katz didn’t believe that Safflower Oil could work. Dr Caroline Appovian disagreed, saying she thought it could be effective. Dr Michael Roizen sided with Dr Katz.

Finally, there was Dr Russell Greenfield, who said maybe. He said that the research raised a lot of questions that could be pursued. He had questions about the balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Dr Oz concluded that the data leads him to believe there may be some benefit to this product. His recommendation was to try Safflower Oil in some form for approximately three months and see if you notice any results.

He planned to give it a shot by eating Sunflower Seeds. But he pointed out that if you’re switching to Safflower Oil for cooking, you are going to see additional health benefits from that, so it’s a win-win. What do you think about the Safflower Oil debate?


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