Dr Oz: Russian Steam Bath, Fire Cupping & Urine Facial Reviews


Dr. Oz: Extreme Alternative Medicine

There is no one size fits all medical cure for most conditions. In fact, some people have to try multiple approaches and figure out a solution that works with their particular body chemistry.

Some of these Extreme Alternative Treatments are popular with Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Debra Messing, and Gem Therapy enthusiast Uma Thurman.


Dr Oz: Urine Facial Review

Urine Facials are a popular new health fad, but Dr. Oz weighed in on whether they really work.

In these modern times, alternative treatment options are gaining credibility after years of being sidelined and marginalized as controversial. Now that they are in the spotlight, Dr. Oz took a look at whether they actually work.

Dr: Oz: Fire Cupping Treatment

Dr. Henry McCann is a licensed Acupuncturist, and he appeared on Dr. Oz to demonstrate a treatment known as Fire Cupping. He wetted a cotton ball with alcohol, applying it to his patient’s back.


Then he heated the air in a cup and placed it on the patient’s back, pulling up the skin. Dr. McCann explained that this therapy can be good for chronic or acute pain, and patients see results in about one day after treatment.

Does it work? Dr. Oz said that, though there may be some bruising, it does seem to actually help with pain. But he said you might want to run it by your doctor before giving it a try.

Dr. Oz: Urine Facial Review

If you have digestive problems, have you tried drinking Urine? Before you recoil in shock, you might be surprised to learn that this is a common health practice. Some alternative medicine believers have even taken it a step further, offering Urine Facials.

Audience member Keisha presumably drew the short straw before the show. Not only did she have to bring a sample of her urine, Dr. Oz then asked to her choose whether she’d rather drink it or get a facial with it. Backed into an uncomfortable corner, she chose the facial.

Does it work? Before Keisha took a bath in her own pee, Dr. Oz announced that Urine Therapy has never worked. Urine contains toxins the body is trying to eliminate, and drinking it can actually dehydrate your skin or cause a rash.

Let’s leave urine where it belongs, outside of our bodies and in the bathroom.

Dr. Oz: Does Leech Therapy Work?

Remember the infamous leech scene in the movie Stand By Me? Did you know that some medical experts believe that leeches can actually have health benefits?

Leech Therapy Treatment allows these specially treated blood suckers to inject numbing agents into the skin, reducing inflammation. Plastic surgeons even use them to help prevent scarring.

Does it work? Dr. Oz said this does have health benefits and is an accepted practice in the medical community.

Dr. Oz: Russian Steam Bath Home Remedy

You don’t have to cross the globe to get the health benefits of a Russian Steam Bath. Dr. Oz shared how you can recreate this at home. He does it a few times a month to reap the health benefits. If it’s good enough for Doctor Oz, it’s surely good enough for his audience.

To reduce congestion and get other health benefits from this therapy, all you have to do is place a boiling kettle of hot water under your chair. Then wrap yourself in the warmth of several thermal blankets.

Maybe one of these remedies is right for you.

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  1. philio says

    I think the Urine therapy part is wrong.

    I started drinking my urine, as a last ditch effort to cure myself from a skin virus which has lasted 8 months.

    part of the the theory is, the urine contains information , helps body identify virus.
    I think it works. Urine is not .. is not toxic.

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