Dr Oz: Roundworm Infection Symptoms & Wormwood Tea Prevents Parasites


Dr Oz: Flu Symptoms vs Parasite Infection Symptoms

Dr. Oz has revealed some startling information about why you could be getting sick. Did you ever think it could be a parasite making you sick? Dr. Oz and his guests went over the symptoms of some of the most common infections caused by parasites, but many of the symptoms are pretty similar to the flu.

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of a Roundworm Infection

Dr. Oz’s next guest told him she thought she was sick with the flu until she started coughing up roundworms and they were still alive. The woman told Dr. Oz she went back to bed and thought she was just having hallucinations from the high fever she had. The next morning, she was feeling worse and went to see her doctor although they never found out where the worms were coming from. Thankfully, the woman said she is doing better now but she said she now has asthma and she is never eating spaghetti again.


Dr. Margaret Williamson went over some of the common symptoms for a roundworm infection.

Dr Oz: Roundworm Infection Symptoms & Wormwood Tea Prevents Parasites

Dr. Oz went over the symptoms for a roundworm infection and discussed how wormwood tea, garlic, whole grains and a probiotic can prevent parasites.

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing

Dr. Williamson said a roundworm infection is diagnosed by looking at a person’s stool because if the person has roundworm then the stool will be filled with roundworm eggs.


Dr Oz: Whole Grains Protect Against Parasites

Dr. Oz told his audience there is a natural way to protect yourself against infection from parasites. The first step is eating a lot of high-fiber foods, especially whole grains. These types of foods prevent the parasites from grabbing onto the intestinal wall and they will simply float out of the intestines.

Dr. Oz suggested devoting one week every month to increasing the amount of whole grains in your diet so you can flush it of any parasites.

Dr Oz: S. Boulardii Probiotic Review

Dr. Oz’s next suggestion to prevent parasites is taking a probiotic called S. Boulardii. He said it is contains a high amount of yeast which is an environment the parasites do not like. He recommended taking the 250 mg of the probiotic two times a day.

Dr Oz: Garlic Kills Parasites In the Body

Dr. Oz’s third tip to keep the parasites out of your body is for anyone who thinks they might already have a parasite. He said garlic can help kill parasites. He suggested crushing the garlic to release more of the allicin inside and eating two cloves a day.

Dr Oz: Wormwood Tea Kills Parasites In the Body

Dr. Oz’s final recommendation was to drink wormwood tea. He said the tea is beneficial in preventing parasites and it will also kill the parasites that have entered you stomach. He suggested drinking one cup per day of the wormwood tea or the loose leaf extract version of the tea.


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