Dr Oz: Ron White Brain Yoga & Memory Booster Foods


Dr Oz: 5 Minute Memory Boosters

If you’d like to improve your memory skills, you are not alone. Dr Oz welcomed an expert to his show to help us all do just that. Ron White is a two-time US Memory Champion, which has got to be an entertaining competition. I wonder if it’s on ESPN.

Ron White and Dr Oz shared some five minute tricks you can do to kick start your memory. To prove Ron’s talents, Dr Oz had him memorize the names of the whole studio audience. Then he randomly selected a section and had Ron recite their names, which he did correctly. This guy seems like the real deal.


Dr Oz: Remembering Names

Do you have trouble remembering names? Memory expert Ron White shared his tips with Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: How To Remember Names

We’ve all been in social situations where we learn someone’s name, then forget it before the handshake is even over. But Ron White said that’s because memorization requires focus. He said you should choose something about a person that stands out, that will help you remember their name.

For example, Dr Oz has prominent eyebrows, which Ron used in association with The Wizard of Oz (for name association). He said he pictured the movie’s yellow brick road connecting Dr Oz’s eyebrows. I would’ve just said they both have bushy eyebrows and left it at that.


Ron said you can practice your memory associations of people for five minutes a day. But there are more memory boosters you can use. Here are the suggestions shared on the show.

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Dr Oz: Blueberry Concentrate

Ron White said he loves Blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants. Though he used to eat bowls of berries, now he’s switched to the liquid concentrate form.

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin is high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. But instead of eating a bowl of Pumpkin Seeds, you can incorporate this oil into your cooking. Try it with salad or pasta to add a healthy memory boost to your meal. The seeds also contain Zinc, which helps fuel the brain. You can wash this down with Blueberry Concentrate for extra credit.

Dr Oz Memory Boost: Apple Chips

Apples can actually help stave off Alzheimer’s Disease and keep your memory sharp. Ron said he likes Apple Chips as a snack.

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Dr Oz Memory Boost: Brain Yoga

Finally, you can keep yourself at the top of your memory game using Brain Yoga. Point using the thumb on one hand and the pinky finger on the other. Then switch back and forth, going as quickly as you can. It’s harder than it sounds.


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