Dr Oz: Resistant Starch Flour Reviews & 5 Carb Rules to Prevent Cancer


Dr Oz: Resistant Carbohydrates Lower Colon Cancer Risk by 50%

Dr. Oz and his guest, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, went over a new study that suggests eating resistant carbohydrates could lower your risk of colon cancer by 50 percent and help prevent diabetes. Dr. Oz went over his suggestions for getting the most out of resistant carbs and went over the difference between simple carbs and resistant carbs. Keep reading to find out which foods to eat and how to eat them to help you prevent cancer, fight diabetes and lose a few pounds as well.

Dr Oz: Green Bananas Have Less Calories Than Ripe Bananas

Dr. Robynne Chutkan said there are four carb rules you need to follow for the resistant carbs to lower your chance of cancer. She said following these rules will not only lower your risk for cancer but they will also be beneficial to your digestion because they are also probiotics. Basically, resistant carbohydrates are good for everything that has to do with your health.


Eat Your Pasta Undercooked – Dr. Chutkan said eating your pasta al dente makes the pasta more resistant to being broken down and turned into sugar, which in turn would cause a spike in blood pressure. Dr. Oz suggested cooking your pasta four minutes less than the package instructions. He said by following this rule, you can eat pasta twice a week without adding any inches to your waist.

Use the Cook Then Cool Technique – Dr. Chutkan explained that when you cool a carbohydrate before eating it, it becomes more resistant to being broken down into sugar. She suggested eating brown rice with beans at room temperature or chilling a healthy meal before eating it. Dr. Oz said by following this rule you can eat beans two to three times a week without adding weight and there are numerous health benefits to eating both rice and beans.

Dr Oz: Resistant Starch Flour Reviews & 5 Carb Rules to Prevent Cancer

Dr. Oz went over the five carbohydrate rules that help prevent cancer and he looked at some resistant starch flours that will also prevent cancer.


Buy the “B’s” – Buy bread, barley and beans. Dr. Chutkan said these foods are high in fiber meaning you will be full longer and they also cause less insulin to be released in the body.

Eat Green Bananas – Dr. Robynne Chutkan said eating green bananas is great. Simply boil them, mash them and eat them as a starch for dinner. She explained that eating ripe bananas is good but the green bananas have more fiber, are more resistant to starch and have less calories. She said you can up eat to three green bananas a week without adding any extra weight on.

Take a Prebiotic Supplement – Dr. Oz added his own rule to the list. He suggested adding a probiotic supplement to your diet because resistant starches contain prebiotics already and when the two prebiotics work together they create a healthy environment to improve your digestion and overall health.

Dr Oz: Why Replace Normal Flour With Resistant Starch Flour?

Dr. Chutkan wants everyone to replace the flour in their cabinet with one that is more starch resistant because they contain two times the fiber and less sugar than regular white flour. Check out the different flours listed below:

Use about 1/3 cup of resistant starch flour in place of each cup of regular flour in your favorite recipes. Dr. Chutkan cautioned everyone to be sure the package is labeled as a resistant starch to be certain you are getting the right product.

Dr Oz: Lip Balm Cures Dry Skin

Dr. Oz said women always seem to have everything you would ever need in case of an emergency in their purse. He asked some viewers to share what they carry with them “just in case.”

  • Nail Polish – Use it for sealing an envelope.
  • Panty Liner- One woman says after a long day she likes to stick a panty liner in her shoe to make her feet feel better.
  • Lip Balm – Use lip balm for dry skin and cuticles
  • Hand Sanitizer – Removes ink stains from fabric


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