Dr Oz: Red Yeast Rice Extract, Creatine & Chromium Polynicotinate


Dr Oz: Walgreens Way To Well

What if you could lower your risk of three of the most deadly diseases just by making a stop at the drugstore? Dr Oz and Walgreens explained how supplements and tests can help you lower your risk of Heart Attack, Diabetes, and certain types of Cancer, thanks in part to the Walgreens Way To Health Initiative. Find out why you need to know about Red Yeast Rice Extract, Creatine, and Chromium Polynicotinate Supplements.

Before the show, Dr Oz and Walgreens had everyone in the audience take three vital tests to get a picture of their health. They even took their program to the busy streets of New York City to get the word out about the importance of three health tests:

  • Glucose & Cholesterol Test
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Comprehensive Weight Assessment Test

Red Yeast Rice Extract & Dr Oz Health Tests

Dr Oz & Walgreens highlighted the importance of basic health tests & benefits of supplements like Red Yeast Rice Extract.

Stacia Woodcock is the Walgreens Pharmacist who created the Way To Well Health Initiative in 2011. They’ve invested $100 million in a four-year program to raise awareness and empower women to take control of their own health.

Dr Oz: Comprehensive Weight Assessment Test

The first of the three tests Dr Oz highlighted is the Comprehensive Weight Assessment. We’ve all stood on the scale before, but do you know the importance of learning about your Visceral Fat, Skeletal Muscle, and Resting Metabolism? These are three important things this test can tell you about what’s really happening in your body.


Muscle and body fat are interrelated, and your muscle mass is generally an accurate predictor of how your body burns fat. Alicia was in the audience and she volunteered to take this test. She learned that her Skeletal Muscle is 24%, and that the target for her age group is 30%.

Stacia Woodcock stressed the importance of muscle in women’s health as well as men’s. It helps keep your body burning fat, and having a healthy percentage of Skeletal Muscle can help you burn an extra 300 calories every day.

Dr Oz Muscle Mass: Lean Protein

If you’re looking to improve your body’s muscle mass, focus on adding lean proteins such as Eggs and lean cuts of meat to your daily diet.

Dr Oz Muscle Mass: Creatine Supplements

Adding just 2 grams of Creatine Supplements to your diet, such as in a protein shake, can help you boost the muscle building effects of a robust workout routine.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Check

The second health test Dr Oz highlighted was the Blood Pressure Check. We all get this done at our regular checkups, but how often does it happen between doctor’s visits? High Blood Pressure is called a silent killer because it can be asymptomatic.

Audience volunteer Sandra had her Blood Pressure Test on the show. Typically, a healthy Blood Pressure is around 115/75, with Pre-Hypertension levels starting around 140/90.

Dr Oz explained that our arteries are inherently smooth, but plaque begins to build up inside them. This can chisel away and cause openings in our arteries, eventually leading to horrific results, such as Brain Bleeds and other dramatic health consquences.

Dr Oz: CoQ10 High Blood Pressure

If you have high Blood Pressure, you might want to check your local drugstore for CoQ10. Taking 200 mg daily can help you get things under control.

Dr Oz: Garlic High Blood Pressure

Garlic is actually a natural way to lower Blood Pressure. Just eat one whole clove daily to naturally fight the issues associated with high Blood Pressure. (You might want to brush your teeth afterwards.)

Dr Oz: Glucose & Cholesterol Blood Test

No one loves to have their blood drawn, but the Glucose & Cholesterol test Stacia demonstrated looks quick and painless as such things go.

The guidelines for Blood Sugar test results in a fasting patient are:

  • Ideal: 100
  • Pre-Diabetic: 100-125
  • Diabetic: 126+

Oriana had her Blood Sugar tested 84, which is a positive result. Dr Oz said that an estimated 80 million Americans are at risk for developing Diabetes, and high sugar content in the body can scrape and damage the arteries, weakening them over time.

Dr Oz: Magnesium Supplements Lower Blood Sugar

If you’re testing at higher than ideal numbers, try adding 400 mg of Magnesium Supplements to your daily regimen. This can help your body better regulate Blood Sugar levels throughout the day.

Dr Oz: Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement Review

Chromium Polynicotinate is another effective supplement for lowering Blood Sugar. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 200 mcg a day.

Dr Oz: Red Yeast Rice Extract Supplement Review

Cholesterol test results should ideally be under 200. But Oriana’s test number was 224, slightly higher. Dr Oz was surprised to learn that she’d never had her Cholesterol tested before this show. You can get tested for free if you need to know, so ask your pharmacist or doctor about how to access these free tests.

Dr Oz recommended Red Yeast Rice Extract Supplements to help manage cholesterol without a prescription. Add two daily 1200 mg dosages to your diet for optimal results.

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil & Lower Cholesterol

If you’re looking for more advice on lowering your Cholesterol numbers, Coconut Oil could help. Add a tablespoon to your diet every day, instead of butter in a favorite dish.

You can find out when the Walgreens Way To Well bus is pulling through your town by visiting the website at walgreens.com/waytowell.



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