Dr Oz: Is Red Blood on Toilet Paper an Emergency? Should You Go To ER?


Dr Oz: Signs It’s Time To Go To the ER

Do you know when to go to the emergency room or whether you should stay home? Dr Oz enlisted audience member Christine to put all of our skills to the test. Quiz yourself about blood on toilet paper, flu-related dehydration, and moving back pain.

Dr Oz: Is Red Blood on Toilet Paper an Emergency?

Dr Oz: Is Red Blood on Toilet Paper an Emergency? Should You Go To ER?

Is red blood on toilet paper a sign of a true medical emergency that means you should go to the hospital? Quiz yourself with Dr Oz’s symptom scenarios.


What happens if you notice some bleeding in the toilet after having a bowel movement? Did you notice streaks of red blood on toilet paper when you wiped? But you are not feeling lightheaded in this scenario. Should you go to the emergency room?

Doctor Oz said that you probably do not need to go to the ER in this situation. Just a drop of blood could make the water red, and the streak on the toilet paper is a big clue. That is more indicative of a hemorrhoid.

If it is a sign of internal bleeding, it will be darker, clotted, and tar-like. That is a sign you should head to the hospital. If you did have lightheadedness, that would be another serious warning sign.


Dr Oz: Is Flu-Related Dehydration an Emergency?

What if you have the flu with vomiting for two days? Drinking even water may not stay down, and you cannot eat. You are feeling miserable, but it is a health emergency? Dr Oz questioned Christine and the audience for their opinions.

In this case, you could have a true medical emergency and should go to the ER. Two days of dehydration could cause serious problems for your kidneys and make it harder for you to get needed medical attention.

Dr Oz: Is Moving Back Pain an Emergency?

Dr Oz had one more quiz. What if you wake up with sharp pain in your back and sides? When you go to the bathroom, the urine is pinkish brown. The pain might subside and then return, and you feel nauseated. Dr Oz questioned whether this is a true medical emergency.

Christine and the audience voted correctly that this is an emergency situation. Dr Oz said this can be a classic case of Kidney Stones, which could be moving around in the body. Fevers and chills are another symptom of complication that is not positive.

That discoloration could be old blood in the urine as well. You might have vomiting or even have trouble passing urine, so head to the hospital for proper treatment. How did you do with Dr Oz’s symptom quiz?


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