Dr Oz: Recharge Plan For Busy Women + Refuse The Snooze


Dr Oz: Busy Woman’s Recharge Plan

Dr Oz wanted to know what was standing in people’s way of recharging their bodies and reclaiming their energy and every woman answered with the same thing: time. He said he has a plan that is the easiest recharge plan they’ve ever done. It’s a one-week plan that can help you recharge your body in just four minutes a day, and he says it’s actually fun.

Dr Oz welcomed Bevy Smith from Fashion Queens who shared that she’s an incredibly busy woman working three jobs while trying to take care of her elderly parents. Plus, she’s a single girl in New York, so she’s trying to find time to date as well. Bevy said she goes to bed late and wakes up early, and oftentimes finds herself hitting the snooze button.


Dr Oz: Refuse The Snooze

Dr Oz: Recharge Plan For Busy Women + Refuse The Snooze

Dr Oz shared his one-week plan to help busy women recharge using Licorice Tea and more quick tips. (Masson / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz explained that the first part of the plan is helping you get the sleep you need by refusing the snooze. Dr Oz said to set your alarm for your true wake-up time each morning. Also keep your phone five feet away from you so that you have to actually get up out of bed to turn the alarm off. Then each week set the alarm for five minutes later than what you would have set the snooze for, eventually getting yourself 25 minutes.

Dr Oz: Shock Your Circulation In The Shower

Next is to recharge yourself by shocking your circulation in the shower. Bevy said she’s big on essential oils and all you need is one minute if you combine essential oils in the shower. Bevy suggested using citrus and peppermint. Bevy talked to a woman who shared that she really liked the peppermint, and then took off her robe to reveal a bathing suit, saying she was going to actually shower right there to put the essential oil to the test.


Dr Oz shared that after you scrub down with the essential oils for a minute, take 15 seconds to blast yourself with cold water. The woman was blasted with cold water and said it was definitely waking her up. She was literally taking a shower right there on the show! Dr Oz said the smell and the cold water together takes a minute and 15 seconds to shock you awake and get you going.

Dr Oz: Magnesium In Your Lunch

The next part of Dr Oz’s plan is to mega-size the magnesium in your lunch. Bevy said a good lunch for her is a salad, but by March, she’ll be having a burger. Dr Oz said you can get magnesium from beans, spinach, or almonds. Magnesium helps all the enzymes work more efficiently. He explained that your body needs it anyway, and it’s best to get it through your food.

Dr Oz: Licorice Tea Pick-Me-Up

To fight off the mid-afternoon slump, Dr Oz suggested drinking licorice tea one hour after your lunch rather than coffee. He went to Hair Essentials Salon to see if it could work for the stylists there. One woman shared that it gave her more energy than coffee, while another said it actually tasted better and meant that she wouldn’t have any stinky breath.

Dr Oz was joined by one of the stylists who was hesitant about the switch at first. She said it was actually really good and gave her a lot of energy. Another good thing about the tea is that it doesn’t need sweetener and it really helps your adrenal gland to fight off the energy crash.

Dr Oz: Deep Breath Detox

Lastly, as part of the busy woman’s recharge plan, you have to stay active. Dr Oz showed his deep breath detox that you can do while sitting in a chair. Simply lift your feet off the ground, spin toward your right, take a deep breath in, and then exhale as you spin to your left. Go back and forth a few times to loosen up your back and give you the natural energy boost you need.

All of these tips combined take three minutes and 15 seconds.


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