Dr Oz: RealAge Test Results Revealed & Are You a Bad Habit Super Ager?


Dr Oz: RealAge Test Reveals Stress Ages People Quickly

Dr. Oz, Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Keith Roach discussed their RealAge Test which aims to calculate your health age, or how old your body feels opposed to your actual calendar age. They went over some of the questions from the test, explained why stress is one of the biggest agers you have to deal with and they also had advice for lowering that stress just by hanging out with friends. Keep reading to find out what type of ager you are.

Dr Oz: RealAge Test Results Revealed & Are You a Bad Habit Super Ager?

Dr. Oz went over RealAge Test results from people in the audience, explained what the results mean and talked with one woman who was a Bad Habit Super Ager.


Dr Oz: What Is a Bad Habit Super Ager?

Now that Dr. Oz has gone over the RealAge Test and you have the results from your own test, it is time to calculate your RealAge. Dr. Oz also reiterated that it is possible to reverse aging by making some changes to your lifestyle, no matter how old you are.

Dr. Oz talked with one 41-year-old woman who took the RealAge Test and found her RealAge to be 46.5 years. Dr. Oz said because she is a smoker and she drinks alcohol a little too heavily, she is considered a Bad Habit Super Ager. He told the women she can lower her RealAge by quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol.

Dr Oz: What Is a Food Super Ager?

Dr. Oz’s next guest, a 40-year old woman named Cheryl, found her RealAge to be 50.8 years. Dr. Oz told her she is a Food Super Ager because of her poor diet. She admitted to eating a lot of processed foods, red meats and sweets.


Dr Oz: Stress – Number One Ager

Dr. Oz already revealed stress is the number one ager and he said anyone in the audience would fit into the category of a Stress Super Ager. He said stress from finances, death of a loved one or any number of other stressful events in a person’s life can impact their health and speed up the aging process, making you feel older than you really are.



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