Dr Oz: Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips + How To Get Rid Of Grease Build-Up


Dr Oz: 10 Second Kitchen Solutions

Dr. Oz shared quick 10-second ways to improve your kitchen. He spoke with Sue Perry, the deputy editor for Shop Smart Magazine, about the important of keeping your kitchen in order. Sue Perry explained that your kitchen should be kept clean because that’s where we prepare our food. She said it’s also the “hub of the house” where people constantly are, so it’s more of a challenge to keep clean than other places.

Dr Oz: Dishwasher Organization

Dr Oz: Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips + How To Get Rid Of Grease Build-Up

Dr. Oz, with the help of Sue Perry, shared some great tips for cleaning up your kitchen. (Dmitry Naumov / Shutterstock.com)


A woman named Evelyn asked how to overcome doing the dishes. She shared that she feels like it takes forever to get through all of the dishes that she has. Sue Perry explained that all dishwashers have a pattern of how they should be loaded, and the manual should explain how. For those that don’t have the manual for their dishwasher, she explained that a general rule is that dishes should be loaded dirty side facing inward.

Sue Perry also suggested mixing up where you put your silverware, because if you put spoons with spoons, for example, they’ll stick together and won’t come clean.

Dr Oz: Cleaning The Microwave

Another woman shared that she was worried about the odor in her microwave and wasn’t sure how to clean it without using harsh chemicals. Sue Perry suggested the woman use lemons, saying that they’re all-natural and obviously smell great!


She explained that all you have to do is cut up half a lemon, put it in a microwave-safe container filled with one cup of water, and then put in the microwave on high for approximately a minute. Then let the container rest for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe out the microwave. Not only will your appliance be clean, but your kitchen will smell amazing as well.

Dr Oz: How To Clean Grease

One woman asked Dr. Oz and Sue Perry about the grease that builds up on her cabinets and refrigerator. Sue Perry explained that dish-washing liquid and water is a great grease fighter that you can use to clean off surfaces.

Once you clean the grease off, you want to prevent it from happening again, so Sue Perry suggested putting plastic wrap on top of the fridge. Then you won’t ever have to clean the gunk off that area again! You could also use wax paper if you don’t have plastic wrap, but be sure that the whole surface is covered. Every few weeks, ball it up, throw it away, and cover it again!


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