Dr Oz: Purse Germs, Makeup Bacteria & Lipstick Health Warnings


Dr Oz: Germs in Your Purse

Your purse probably goes everywhere you go throughout the day. It has important personal items that you need, and probably even a few things you carry with you even though you never know when or if you will need them. Dr Oz chose three women from his studio audience to talk about the secret, unwanted guests they could be lugging around with them every day in their purses. See if you have any of these items in your handbag, and what it could mean for your health. Learn about the Purse Germs and Bacteria on your Lipstick, Makeup Brush, and your handbag itself, plus how you can prevent them.

Dr Oz: Purse Germs & Bacteria

Dr Oz: Purse Germs & Handbag Germs

You take your purse everywhere with you, but do you know what germs and bacteria could be lurking inside it?


The first woman Dr Oz spoke with keeps Aspirin Cream in her purse. She has had back pain throughout her life, and she keeps the cream with her at all times. Dr Oz had it analyzed in a lab, and what he found was gross and upsetting.

The lab found the same type of yeast on her tube of cream that causes Yeast Infections. In addition, the inner lining of her purse tested positive for Staph bacteria, which could lead to a flesh-eating bacterial infection.

Dr Oz’s first purse recommendation was that you should hang your bag on a doorknob instead of leaving this bag of germs on your kitchen counter. You can also clean your purse now and then by using a baby wipe.


Dr Oz: Makeup Brush Germs

Do you use a makeup brush to touch up throughout the day, sticking it back in your purse as you go? So does the second woman Dr Oz evaluated. He told her to throw out that brush, because he found it was positive for Enterococci, a bacteria that can take root in your heart valves and cause Urinary Tract Infections.

There is something you can do to keep your makeup brush clean: wash it out using shampoo. This will keep bacteria from growing and thriving, especially since you’re putting that near your eyes, nose, and mouth, where germs have an easy entrance into your body.

Dr Oz: Lipstick Health Warnings

The last woman on Dr Oz’s list had a problem she and many other women probably don’t think about: her lipstick. Her lipstick tested positive for Alcaligenes, which cause Pneumonia, UTIs, and other health problems.

Lipstick tends to last longer than other makeup, and this is also something you can keep clean using baby wipes. The trick with this one is to keep it clean by rolling your lipstick tube in the baby wipe to make sure you’re cleaning off all the germs and bacteria it could be carrying.

Now that you’ve read all this, what will you be throwing away from your purse?


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