Dr Oz: Psychic Rebecca Rosen Automatic Writing & Angels Healing Power


Dr Oz: Angels Healing Power

Do you listen to your body’s intuition? Dr Oz invited psychic and author Rebecca Rosen to talk about our fascination with angels and otherworldly communication. Do you believe in angels and our ability to communicate with them? Find out more about automatic writing and the steps to communication.

Rosen’s latest book is called Awaken the Spirit Within, and she is a medium who communicates healing messages from the other side. She discovered her gift in college after journaling family memories she had no firsthand knowledge of.

Dr Oz: Rebecca Rosen Angels

Dr Oz: Psychic Rebecca Rosen Automatic Writing & Angels Healing Power

Psychic Rebecca Rosen explained to Doctor Oz how her techniques such as automatic writing help her tap in to messages from angels on the other side.


  1. Jennifer says

    I truly believe, as I always have, that there are angels watching over us. Be they relatives that have passed on, or maybe others we have never met, but have been given us as an “assignment”. I’ve always felt the presence of loved ones that have passed: I guess maybe I am just open to receiving them, I don’t know. I will say I am not religious, but am totally spiritual, I’ve always “known” there to be something greater than all of us, and has to be somewhere that our souls all go to when we move on to the next part of our souls journey. Our “life” here on earth is far too short for me to believe that this is all there is. We are too complex within our souls for there not to be more to it. I believe our life here on earth is only part or one step in a souls lifetime. I have no proof, but I truly believe it.

  2. says

    I believe in Angels outside of the church and TV shows. I say this because I heard what I think is my angel two weeks after my eye operation. It was at night, the light from the nurses station was shining through the crack door of my room and I was crying because of what one of the nurses told me earlier that day. I was 17 years old, and I heard a deep voice say to me; “Johnnie everything is going to be alright.” I looked around and no one was there, but I know in my heart I did hear this man’s voice!

  3. Rev. Marcia Fleischman says

    I have been practicing automatic writing for over 30 years. And I believe in and experience the presence of angels. After my double lung transplant in 2003, I wanted to paint some angels to raise money for the church kitchen. The Spirit spoke to me saying, ” There is no such thing as old visions of angels, I will give you new visions to paint.” I started seeing visions of angels in my mind and began painting, raising $5000 for the kitchen. I still “see” visions and paint.

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