Dr. Oz: What Is Progesterone? How To Stay Happier Longer & Mood Swings


Dr. Oz: Mood Swings

Why do people have mood swings? Dr. Oz got to the bottom of mood swings today, as least as they effect women. He chose an Assistant of the Day today named Malika. Malika was very excited to be there. Malika’s husband was in the audience and Dr. Oz asked him if his wife ever gets mood swings. Jerome didn’t react. Dr. Oz said it’s better not to answer. Malika said her mood swings can last “anywhere from five minutes to a year”. When Dr. Oz asked Jerome about this, Jerome stayed perfectly still. Dr. Oz pointed out that it was better not to make any reaction so as not to be misinterpreted.

Dr. Oz: Are Mood Swings Caused By Uteri?

Dr. Oz: What Is Progesterone? How To Stay Happier Longer & Mood Swings

Dr. Oz talked about the importance of a hormone called progesterone in reducing mood swings. Mood swings affect many women and if you’re one of the people who suffer from them, this is important info. (vaselenka / Shutterstock.com)


Dr. Oz pointed out the similarity between the words hysteria and hysterectomy. There’s a reason for the similarity. A long time ago, doctors thought the source of mood swings was in the uterus. Dr. Oz said it’s sexist and crazy, but it does explain the “weirdness” going on in medicine back then.

Dr. Oz: What Is Progesterone?

Dr. Oz said that the actual cause of mood swings is the ovaries. Ovaries produce a hormone called progesterone. Progesterone travels with estrogen and it’s important for having babies. Progesterone helps calm you. Dr. Oz said when a woman has a baby, progesterone helps the woman cope with having a big belly.

Progesterone can also cause insomnia and makes mood swings happen. The progesterone hormone is the body’s natural Valium.


As we get older, the ovaries get smaller and aren’t able to make the kinds of hormones we need. Without progesterone, mood swings start to happen. Dr. Oz showed that when people are younger, they’re able to travel from sadness to anger to happiness again without much problem. But when people are older, the body no longer has the right amount of progesterone, so that

Dr. Oz: How To Stay Happier Longer

Dr. Oz then gave his advice for how to stay happy and get progesterone going. Make sure to get more magnesium and zinc in your diet, especially early in the day. Oatmeal is a great source and so are hashbrowns.

Oysters are also a great source of magnesium and zinc. Dr. Oz said you can get canned oysters now, but he prefers them raw.


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