Dr Oz: Progesterone Cream & Birth Control Perimenopause Treatments


Dr Oz: Perimenopause Treatments

Dr Oz and his guests discussed how Perimenopausal Rage has affected their family lives and relationships. He and nurse practitioner Marcy Holmes shared some ideas about how this condition can be treated and managed, including therapy, dietary changes, birth control and Progesterone Cream. Find out if one of these Perimenopause Treatments could curb your rage.

Dr Oz: Birth Control for Perimenopause

Perimenopause Treatments: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared Perimenopause Treatments including birth control pills & Progesterone Cream.


Prescription birth control could be one effective and readily available solution for this issue. A low dose birth control medication might help to address some of the hormonal inconsistencies associated with bouts of inexplicable rage.

Antidepressant medications are also believed to make a difference in some situations. That’s because they work with the brain’s natural chemistry and are adjustable to your personal symptoms and health needs. But you have to be extremely aware of side effects with these types of medication.

Progesterone Cream Review for Perimenopause

Over the counter Progesterone Cream helps women more easily regulate their Estrogen levels. Since low Estrogen is part of the issue with Perimenopause, this could be a simple solution if it works for you.


But you have to be certain to find products that are labeled with “USP Progesterone.” These products are designed for use during two to three weeks of each month, but you shouldn’t take them while you are on your period. Though it’s available over the counter, it’s still advisable to discuss taking this step with your doctor.

Dr Oz: Vitamin B & Perimenopause Diet

Dietary issues could contribute to your symptoms as well. Attempt to avoid too much sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. Marcy Holmes also suggested finding a multivitamin that includes Vitamin B.

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage & Therapy

You can always try to talk it out when you feel out of control. Reaching out to a trusted family member or friend can be helpful, or you could seek professional advice. Couples counseling could be useful if Perimenopause is putting a strain on your relationship. Dealing with the issues when you are feeling stable can make it easier to get control again when you are struggling with Perimenopausal Rage.

Have you or someone you know had success with any of these strategies? We’d love to hear your feedback and advice.


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