Dr Oz: Prevent Germs from Getting on Toothbrushes & Shower Liners


Dr Oz: Can Germiest Places in the Bathroom

Dr. Oz went over some of the best hiding spots for germs in your kitchen and you might be surprised to find out where they hide out the most. Keep reading to find out where the germs are hiding in your bathroom and how you can prevent them from coming back after you get rid of them.

Toothbrush Holder the Germiest Item in the Bathroom

Dr. Oz invited everyone in the audience to bring their germiest bathroom item to be tested for bacteria during the show. Dr. Oz even brought along his tea filter, something he uses everyday, which he found to contain far more bacteria than he ever thought.


Dr Oz: Prevent Germs from Getting on Toothbrushes & Shower Liners

Dr. Oz looked at the areas where germs harbor for the longest in the bathroom, like the toothbrush, and he explained how to prevent them from coming back.

Most of the audience brought in their toothbrush or their toothbrush holders to get them tested during the show. Dr. Oz said the normal amount of bacteria on the surface of either should be around 80 but one of the toothbrushes he tested had a number of 163 and one toothbrush holder was around 7,506.

Carolyn Forte, from the Housekeeping Research Lab, said the toothbrush can be one of the germiest items we own. This is because we often leave the toothbrush to air dry making it a great place for germs to harbor.


How to Properly Clean a Toothbrush

So how should you protect your toothbrush from germs? One of the best ways is to close the lid on the toilet before you flush because flushing can cause a lot of airborne germs to get into the air. She also suggested washing your toothbrush and toothbrush holders frequently by tossing them in the dishwasher.

Over 4,000 Bacteria on Child’s Bath Toy

One member of the audience brought in a child’s bath toy to be tested which was found to contain over 4,000 bacteria. Forte said bath toys often trap water inside them, which is one reason they contain so many germs. They are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Try following these guidelines to keep the bath toys clean and germ free:

  • Rinse and clean bath toys after using.
  • Store in a mesh bag.

Wash Shower Curtain Liner to Stay Germ Free

The final item tested was an audience members shower curtain liner. The woman told Dr. Oz she does replace the shower curtain liner often but she has never actually cleaned it. When it was tested, Dr. Oz found it to contain 3,148 germs.

It is important to keep the shower liner clean so follow these guidelines when cleaning one:

  • wash the curtain in hot water in the washing machine and toss in some dirty, old towels as well to scrub the curtain and get rid of all the bacteria.
  • Keep the curtain open between uses. The bacteria form in the folds.


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