Dr Oz: Pregnancy Down Syndrome Risks & IVF Vs Adoption


Dr Oz: Fertility Treatment & Risks

Are you too old to get pregnant? That’s the question at the center of a special hour of The Dr Oz Show. Dr Oz tackled audience perceptions of pregnancy & age, along with expert medical opinions with diverse perspectives of the situation. He also explored Fertility Treatment Costs, but for this segment, he focused on some of the potential risks associated with Fertility Treatments.

To help give insight about this topic, he invited OB/GYN Dr Evelyn Minaya to discuss some of the health complications that could result with a late-in-life pregnancy. She said that the risk of conditions like Diabetes grows as we age. Older women are less likely to carry a pregnancy to term, and are more inclined toward premature delivery.


Dr Oz: Pregnancy Down Syndrome Risks

Pregnancy Down Syndrome Risks: Dr Oz

Dr Oz discussed pregnancy Down Syndrome Risks and other fertility concerns for late in life pregnancies.

Another risk factor is that aged eggs are more likely to produce a child with Down Syndrome. Here are some bullet points assessing the associated risks by age.

  • Age 20s – 1 in 1400 Down Syndrome Risk
  • Age 40 – 1 in 30 Down Syndrome Risk
  • Age 45+ – 1 in 5 Down Syndrome Risk

Dr Oz: Sperm Donor Paternity Questions

Dr Lahl said that there is another angle to consider in later pregnancy that is an issue for parents using the services of a sperm donor. It becomes a social question about the child’s true paternity, and children may begin to ask questions about their donor fathers as they get older.

Dr Oz: Donor Eggs Vs Donor Sperm

Dr Minaya countered that the people who donate sperm or eggs to would-be parents are volunteering to participate in this process, and they are compensated for their contributions.


She said that she has trouble with telling someone they will be unable to have a child. But if it is too medically risky, she will have a heart to heart with the patient to explain that this route may not be in their best interests.

Dr Oz: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Audience member Sharon talked about her experience using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). She said that she was able to conceive twins. But at 19 weeks, she said she found herself in the hospital with a C-section scar. But there were no newborns for her to hold, because she had a miscarriage.

Second and third IVF attempts were unsuccessful, and eventually Sharon chose to pursue international adoption. Over the course of three months, she came home with two adopted children, and she said she loves the way her story worked out.


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