Dr Oz: Where To Position Your Car Headrest & Towel Neck Stretch


Dr Oz: Supporting Your Neck

Do you have intense neck pain that feels swollen and stiff? Those areas can be irritated by causes you may never have predicted. Dr Oz invited someone from his audience to help explain how you can support your neck throughout the day so that it continues supporting you properly. Get the best tips and tricks for shopping bags, your car headrest, and an anti-arthritis towel neck stretch for comfort and relief.

Dr Oz: Anti-Arthritis Towel Neck Stretch

Dr Oz: Where To Position Your Car Headrest & Towel Neck Stretch

Do you have problems with neck pain and don’t know why? Dr Oz explained the best way to position a car headrest and showed off an easy towel neck stretch.


Dr Oz said that the biggest reason surgeons have to retire is due to arthritis of the neck. But you can do the same exercise they do to strengthen the neck. Place a folded hand towel behind your head, pulling the towel forward with your hands but resisting it with your head.

Lean your head down to stretch it forward, and then move it back upright. Repeat these exercises for about 10 reps if you are having these complaints.

Dr Oz: Shopping Bags Cause Neck Pain?

Inflamed joins can be a sign of chronic pain, but acute pain may be more common. You could have a crick in your neck from sleeping wrong or putting your head in a strange position. Did you know that grocery shopping could be hard on your neck?


Carrying your groceries unevenly between your hands could be causing tension in your neck that could crop up hours later. Dr Oz had a new shopping bag rule: don’t put two heavy items in one bag, and make sure the load is balanced between your arms, without overfilling any bags.

Dr Oz: Where To Position Your Car Headrest

Do you know where to adjust the headrest in your car? That headrest is there to prevent whiplash. You should position the headrest so that it hits exactly in the back of your head. This could help to protect your neck if you have to stop suddenly or find yourself in a car accident.


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