Dr Oz: Poop Found on Menus & Food Poisoning Risks Higher at Night


Dr Oz: Dirty Restaurant Secrets

What are your dinner plans tonight? Before you answer, you may want to read this article. It turns out there are some scandalous restaurant secrets that chefs and employees don’t want the public to know, such as Poop Found on Menus and when your food poisoning risk is highest.

Dr Oz: Poop Found On Menus

Dr Oz said there was Poop Found on Menus at all seven restaurants he surveyed.


Going out to eat is a popular American pastime, thanks to all the delicious dishes and creative foods that are constantly available at local restaurants. Plus, at the end of a long day it’s much more appealing to visit a restaurant than spend the energy and effort preparing a meal for yourself and your family. But you may think twice about dining out once you hear what chef Jeffrey Saad, a former contestant on The Next Food Network Star, is revealing.

If you’ve noticed that a lot of restaurants seem to come and go, almost overnight, you’re not alone. That’s because, despite the passions of chefs, investors, and owners, the business has a failure rate of 99%. That’s out of this world.

That means everyone is watching the bottom line to cut costs wherever possible. Unfortunately, when restaurant staffs start to cut corners, it’s the customers who suffer. Find out what you’re doing that could be putting your health at risk when you go out for a meal.


Food Poisoning Risks Higher At Night

If you’re a late night diner, you will want to hear what Jeffrey Saad had to say. Your risk of food poisoning when dining out at a restaurant jumps dramatically. Food is sometimes left sitting out all day, waiting to be ordered.

Healthwise, you’re better off eating in the middle of the dinner rush, when food is being moved quickly through the kitchen instead of being left sitting around. If you are a late diner, stick to broiled or boiled menu options, because those cooking methods help to zap bacteria.

Dr Oz: Feces Found on Menus

How many times have you gotten a sticky menu when you sit down at a restaurant? The next time you get a dirty menu, you may want to handle it with gloves. Jeffrey Saad told Dr Oz that menus can be dirtier than toilet seats.

Though some restaurants clean menus using Windex, customers sneeze or cough on them all the time, and they’re leaving germs behind for the next customers. You and your family could be getting all kinds of germs or bacteria from menus.

Dr Oz investigated this claim and did a secret study of menus from seven restaurants. There was Poop Found on Menus at all seven of the restaurants. The menus were high in bacteria, including fecal bacteria and E. Coli.

“Hold it high so you don’t die,” Jeffrey Saad said, suggesting that customers hold menus far away from their faces. After hearing these dirty restaurant secrets, I think I’ll cook for myself at home tonight.


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