Dr Oz: Why Does My Ponytail / Hair Hurt? EASY Remedy to Fix It


Why Does My Hair Hurt?

Dr. Oz asked who wears a ponytail?  And does it ever hurt when you take your hair down, out of the ponytail?  He said that it is a common sensation.  Even though it feels like your actual hair is hurting, it is the structure under the hair getting stressed out and causing the pain.



When you wear your hair in a tight ponytail all day, you can start to feel pain in the nerve endings underneath your hair follicles.  Your hair follicles are not getting enough circulation, which causes the problem.

How To Make My Ponytail Stop Hurting

When you take your hair down and out of your ponytail, gently massage your scalp.  Also, try to sleep with your hair different ways, not always in a ponytail at the same level.

Dr Oz: Ponytail Pain Remedy

Dr. Oz suggested saving tight hairstyles for special occasions.  He also said that you should try to wear your ponytail at different heights throughout the day to alleviate the pain.


Do you have pain caused by your ponytail? Or does your hair ever hurt?  Please leave a comment below and let me know what has worked for you!


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