Dr Oz: Plan To Achieve Happiness, Even After Weight Gain


Dr Oz: Achieve Happiness, No Matter Your Size

Dr Oz was joined by My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thor, hoping to fight back against fat shaming. Dr Oz knows that many people who are watching, have probably gained weight and were left wondering “now what?” For those people, Whitney had a great three-step plan to achieve happiness, no matter what your size.


Dr Oz: Show Off Your Curves

Dr Oz: Plan To Achieve Happiness, Even After Weight Gain

Together, Dr Oz and Whitney Thor revealed a plan to achieve happiness, even after gaining some weight. (dance_photographer)

The first step to achieving happiness is to embrace your curves by showing them off. Whitney said when you feel good about your body, you don’t want to hide it. She said the scale can’t measure your happiness or your self-worth. Whitney looked at the clothes of a woman who was inspired by Whitney’s confidence. Cathie liked wearing a baggie hoodie and loose sweatpants because she could hide it in. Whitney said she was okay with the fact that it was comfortable, but you shouldn’t want to to disappear.


Whitney then looked at a dress that Cathie wanted to wear to her bridal shower, but then decided not to because it was fitted and she thought it showed off too much of her body. She didn’t wear it and Whitney said that took joy out of a day that should have been so good for her. She said you can’t let insecurities pull all your self confidence out of your life.

Dr Oz: Why Crash Diets Don’t Work

The next step to achieving happiness no matter what your size, especially after gaining weight, is not turning to crash diets. Whitney said she used to have eating disorders and now she’s the heaviest she’s ever been in her life. The outcome of a crash diet is never good and you really only set yourself up for failure. You’re also reinforcing negative ideas.

Dr Oz explained that they can be tempting, but if you starve yourself, you’ll eventually start to slow down. By the second day, although the number on the scale may have dropped, all you’re really losing is water weight. You may lose some fat too, but muscle is going along with it. Then you become an angry, hungry person until you finally slip and indulge, and it turns to chaos, causing you to gain that water weight back.

Dr Oz: Join A Dance Class

Lastly, Whitney said everyone should join a dance class. Whitney said a dance studio is open and free, and dance is present in every culture of the world. Plus, dancing means you have to be aware of how your body moves. Cathie and Whitney then danced to the music while Dr Oz attempted to dance, surely embarrassing his kids. But you know what, it put a smile on everyone’s faces and that’s Whitney’s real goal!

Have you learned to embrace your body? Could you join a dance class?


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