Dr Oz Physical Sunscreen Recommendation & Aspirin Lowers Melanoma Risk


Dr Oz: Physical Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen

Sunscreen used to turn skin completely white until people began to complain, for vanity reasons, that they did not want any more sunscreen that was visible. The sunscreen companies took note and changed the formula for sunscreen to make it less visible. Could that have made it more dangerous?

While Dr. Oz already covered both sides of the sunscreen topic with some experts saying it is safe while others say it could cause cancer, he wanted to look at the two different kinds of sunscreen, physical and chemical sunscreen, to see the differences.


Physical Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen

According to Dr. Oz, “if you think white, you will get it right.” What he means is if you wear sunscreen you can see, it may be more safe than sunscreen absorbed into the skin.

Dr Oz Physical Sunscreen Recommendation & Aspirin Lowers Melanoma Risk

Dr. Oz looked the differences between chemical and physical sunscreen, gave his recommendation for sunscreen and revealed aspirin can lower the risk of melanoma.

He looked at two different types of sunscreen, chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen, to explain the differences in each.


Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi said chemical sunscreen disappears right away because it is absorbed into the skin. The sunscreen is then degraded in the skin and is slowly destroyed by UV light which is the reason the FDA recommends you reapply the sunscreen several times throughout the day.

Physical sunscreen on the other hand lays on the top of the skin, is not absorbed by the skin and actually reflects both types of ultraviolet rays. It also only needs to be applied one time as long as the sunscreen is not wiped off.

Ingredients In Physical Sunscreen

So how will you know the difference between physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen? Dr. Oz said physical sunscreen will contain the ingredients zinc and/or titanium.

While the biggest complaint about physical sunscreen is the white residue it leaves in the hand, Dr. Oz said there are newer sunscreens with finely crushed zinc and titanium that will leave no white residue. He did say the finer the ingredients in the physical sunscreen, the more it will cost.

Dr Oz Sunscreen Recommendation

Dr. Oz said he is going to recommend everyone apply physical sunscreen. Some of the sunscreens he recommended are:

All of the sunscreens listed above were named safe for use by the Environmental Working Group.

Aspirin Has Been Shown To Lower Risk of Melanoma

Sunscreen isn’t the only way to reduce your risk for skin cancer. A new study out of Stanford found that aspirin can reduce the risk of melanoma. In the study, researchers gathered information from 60,000 women for an average of 12 years and found the women who took aspirin daily decreased their risk of melanoma by 20 percent. The longer the women took the aspirin on a daily basis, the bigger drop the risk took.

African American Women Can Get Melanoma

Dr. Oz talked with one woman in the audience, Kemba, who said she was not too worried about melanoma because she is African American. Dr. Oz explained to her that even African Americans can get melanoma, saying they will get it under their fingernails and other places where their skin is lighter.

  • Aspirin – Dr. Oz recommended everyone take a low dose, 88 mg aspirin every day.


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