Dr Oz: Pee & Poop – Are Yours Normal?


Dr Oz: Poop Shape, Size, Smell & Shade

Dr Oz is talking about your all time favorite things—pee and poop. Your trip to the bathroom can be a life saving self-exam. (Never thought you’d hear those words, huh?) Every single day, you should check your pee and poop to diagnose such diseases as kidney disease, gall bladder disease and Crohn’s disease. In the audience of The Dr Oz Show, the entire front row helped to diagnose these certain diseases that saved their own lives. One woman in the front row stated that she had cloudy pee, another stated she had bubbly pee and another woman had dark spots in her poop. (If you’re eating, I suggest you set down that sandwich for this segment.) Other women in the front row stated that their pee was getting lighter and that they had a change in consistency with their poop.

Doctor Oz created the “no embarrassment zone,” where audience members came armed and ready to be diagnosed. Every audience member in the studio brought a urine sample as well as—ahem—a full color photograph of their poop. (I was just happy Dr Oz didn’t give his viewers the distinct pleasure of seeing these images.)


Dr Oz: Pee And Poop – 4 Lifesaving S’s


For this segment, Dr Oz brought out a port-o-potty on stage and audience members exited as they asked their question. (No, seriously!) Dr Oz Pee & Poop

Penny, and audience member, showed Dr Oz a picture of her poop, stating she noticed the shape changed from day to day. It depended on what she ate. Dr Oz says that the shape is vital. When food goes into the large intestine, it was liquid-y. As the food moved, it changed shape and color that looked like poop. When it comes out through the rectum, it should be S shaped, which is the true cast of the rectum. This is healthy.


Dr Oz: Poop Shape

Doctor Oz brought out a poop scale (you read that correctly) with several different shapes and sizes of poop. (Don’t worry, they were fake—I think.)

Dr Oz: Smooth Poop

-Smooth shape—this is normal. This type of poop, sounded like—and I quote—“A diver jumping off of the cliffs.” This is the sound you want.

Dr Oz: Marble Poop

-Marble appearance—This meant constipation. (not good) According to Dr Oz, this sounded like birds dropping pellets from the sky. (Can anyone else actually picture this too?)

Dr Oz: Watery Poop

Water appearance—This meant that you were not absorbing nutrients. This happens in causes of IBS and Crohn’s disease. In this case, you are losing electrolytes.

Audience member, Lori, popped out of the port-o-potty with her question. She stated that she didn’t go to the bathroom at work (poop) when she should. She wanted to know if that was bad. Dr Oz stated that yes, it was not good to hold it in because you should “get rid of the stuff.” (His words, not mine!) Dr Oz stated that holding poop in was toxic and when you held it in, it desensitizes the bowels and created out pouches, which could be deadly. (In a nutshell, just go to the handicapped stall like everyone else!)

Julie, another audience member, stated that she was concerned about the shade of her poop. Dr Oz asked when was the last time she had a bowel movement and she stated she had one this morning. (That was info I could’ve gone my entire life not knowing.) Julie showed Dr Oz the picture of her poop and had to use the scale to match her shade. (And I don’t mean shade of blush—unfortunately.)

Dr Oz: Poop Color Chart


-Red- could mean diverticulosis, cancer, lower GI bleeding

-Green- Crohn’s disease

-Yellowish white- gallbladder disease.

-White- pancreas not working well. Could mean pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis

-Black- this is a sign of bleeding from upper GI system. Black stool may also occur from having iron in your diet.

Julie’s was brown, which meant she was normal. (Poop-wise, anyway!)

Audience member, Dawn, emerged from the port-o-potty. She stated that 40% of the time, she’s pushing hard and it doesn’t want to come out. Is this dangerous? (My question is, how did she come up with that 40% statistic? Was she taking a survey?) Dr Oz stated that it may be problematic and that something was not quite right. He went on to explain that the lining of the intestinal system may tear when you push because the tissue is fragile. Pushing may cause hemorrhoids or anal fissures. You could rectify the problem with prune juice, a natural laxative.

Dr Oz: Pee Test Strips

Size—Tara, an audience member, stated that she goes to the bathroom 4xs a day. She believed that she peed about a 2 liter bottle per day. Dr Oz confirmed that 2 liters of pee per day was normal. If you pee a lot less than that, you may have dehydration issues or kidney disease. If you’re peeing much more than 2 liters, you may have big problems like diabetes. Medications will do that as well. Painful bladder Syndrome occurs when you go to the bathroom more but the actual pee amount is little.

Smell – Monica, an audience member, had her urine sample on stage with Dr Oz. She put on the purple gloves and uncapped her sample. Dr Oz then asked everyone in the audience to put on the purple gloves and gently uncap their urine samples. (This was the first time ever that they were testing urine in the studio audience.) Dr Oz asked Monica to smell hers. (Does anyone else feel as though they need a shower too? Yuck!) Monica stated that there was a very mild smell. Dr Oz confirmed that a mild smell was good.

-Mild aroma- This is normal

-Ammonia aroma- One brave audience member raised her hand when Dr Oz if anyone’s pee smelled like ammonia. This may mean dehydration. Her pee was also dark colored, indicating that she needed more fluids.

-Fruity aroma- this may indicated diabetes because the glucose is being metabolized. Pinkish red color urine also indicated you may be at risk for diabetes.

Dr Oz asked the audience to perform the dipstick test on their urine sample. (This would not be the time to be sitting next to shaky hands Mcghee.) Dr Oz asked the audience to look for urine that was bright reddish in color. According to the audience, no one had this shade of pee.

Dr Oz suggested purchasing test strips at your local pharmacy. The cost is only .30 so get yours today and test yourself.


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