Dr Oz: Oversharing Children Vs Parents – Mom Cleans Naked


Dr. Oz: Oversharing Children

Kristy tweeted to Dr. Oz with the following tweet:

‘My 4-year-old son keeps telling his teacher that I’m pregnant with his brother. I am nowhere close to being pregnant! HaHa.’


And another women tweeted to Dr. Oz with this tweet:

‘Youngest son got in trouble in kindergarten for hitting a girl on the butt. When asked why…because Dad does it to Mom all the time.’

Bill Cosby was right. Kids really do say the darndest things.


Dr. Oz: Overshare Kids Vs Parents

Dr Oz: Oversharing Children Vs Parents - Mom Cleans Naked

Dr. Oz turns the tables on oversharing children and finds out some TMI secrets about their parents. Plus, Dr Oz shared captions of his Russian hat photo.

Christy brought her two children, Shelby and PJ on to the show, to talk about some of the oversharing both of her children have done in the past. Christy said she tried to be open with her children and allow them to be open back, but sometimes you need to teach your children to just keep their mouths shut.

Shelby admitted that she was once looking at photographs her mother had taken, when her teacher walked over and said her mother was very pretty. Shelby told her teacher she should see her mother in the morning. She is a hot mess. The teacher relayed the story to Christy at a parent teacher conference.

Christy’s other oversharing child, PJ, answered the phone one day. His fathers friend was on the other line and when his friend asked to speak to his father, PJ told him his dad was taking a poop.

Dr.  Oz: Bathroom Etiquette

Edie brought her daughter Sidney to talk about her oversharing child. Sidney said she has the cleanest bathroom in the world and also lets everyone who compliments the cleanliness know her mother cleans the bathroom in the nude. Edie said she cleans the bathroom naked because she doesn’t want to get bleach on her clothes and she usually does it before she gets in the shower anyways.

Edie admitted, after Dr. Oz said she was going to have to watch her daughter, that oversharing runs in their family.

Dr. Oz: Funny Caption Winners

Dr. Oz invited viewers to head over to his website to write some funny captions on some pretty funny pictures.

The first photo was of a baby tiger biting on Dr. Oz’s arm. His favorite captions were:

  1. Hey, you told me I needed more protein
  2. The upside, now you only need one purple glove
  3. Free acupuncture.

A woman from the audience said her caption read: ‘Love at first bite.’

Dr Oz: Funny Hat Photo Captions

The second photo was from Dr. Oz’s season launch party. His favorite captions were:

  1. Wow, that combo of Echinacea, Flaxseed and vodka really gives us angel voices!
  2. Skinny Jeans, the latest weight loss secret

The third photo was of Dr. Oz wearing a strange Russian hat. His favorite captions were:

  1. OK. Who didn’t pay the heating bill?
  2. Dr. Oz, doing his best Donald Trump impression.


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