Dr Oz: Overcoming Elevator Phobia + Conquering Fears


Dr Oz: Conquering Fear Of Elevators

If you have a phobia you so badly wish you could overcome, Dr Oz had just the segment for you. He heard from a woman named Lisa who shared that she has been afraid of elevators since she was a little girl. She’s afraid of getting into a small, confined space, and worries about getting stuck. When she stays at hotels, she either has to stay on the ground level or take the stairs. She takes the escalator at the mall and would give anything to conquer her fear of elevators in order to make her life easier.

Dr Oz: Overcoming Elevator Phobia + Conquering Fears

Dr Oz helped a woman face her fear of elevators by understanding why she feels the way she does about them. ([email protected] / flickr)


Dr Oz was joined on the show by psychologist Dr Todd Farchione and Lisa. Lisa said it’s not fair to her family to have to put up with her phobia. She shared that her heart races and her knees go weak whenever she’s faced with an elevator. Dr Farchione said one of the first steps in overcoming a fear would be to change the way you respond to the thing you’re afraid of. He explained that a lot of times we close up as we approach our fears, which produces a lot of behaviors.

Dr Oz: Severe Elevator Phobia

Dr Farchione suggested striking a pose that’s different than what you feel inside. He also said that a lot of people will hold their breath or take big deep breaths, which can make their panic worse. You can also ask yourself why you feel the way you do and “what evidence do you have” that something bad will happen. He also suggested asking yourself what the worst thing that could happen is, and whether you could cope with that.

Dr Oz asked Lisa to conquer her fear by taking a step into an elevator. She admitted that just the thought of it was making her nervous, and her knees were going a bit weak as they walked back toward the elevator. Dr Oz and Lisa then took a step back into the elevator and the panic was evident within Lisa.


Dr Oz: Bad Past Experiences & Current Fears

Lisa shared that when she was a child, she actually did get stuck in an elevator for about 30 minutes. Dr Farchione said that bad experience led to her phobia, which is a normal thing. She said seeing how other people around her reacted to the situation only made her feel even worse.

Dr Oz then asked Lisa about taking a ride up a floor in the elevator and she said that may be too much for her. She said thinking of it as “what’s the worst that could happen” allowed her to agree to go up a floor inside the elevator. She closed her eyes and breathed deep while the elevator went up a floor, and then they walked out. The smile on her face was huge, but it wasn’t too clear whether it was because she overcame her fear or because she was simply excited to get off the elevator.

Do you have a phobia you would really like to overcome? What’s your biggest fear?


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