Dr Oz: Organize Your Car + Wine Stain & Soap Scum Cleaning Hacks


Dr Oz: Car Organization

Dr Oz was talking with the super organized mom, Heidi, who has an incredibly organized minivan that has gone viral. Dr Oz wanted to see what would happen if he sent Heidi to surprise Tamika with an incredible car makeover. Tamika said her minivan needs some serious help. When she first bought it, as a breast-cancer survivor, she knows stress is a big “no-no” which is why she avoids it at all costs. Her car provided peace and quiet for two days, but now her passenger seat has become her personal office and her two kids’ have taken over the rest of the van with shoes, clothes, and sports equipment.


Heidi showed up at Tamika’s home to help her organize her minivan and Tamika was beyond excited to see her. Tamika opened it up to give Heidi a look, and she immediately said “oh my goodness” but followed it up by saying sh could help her. The first thing they did was take everything out the van and put it into trash bag. Heidi explained that it didn’t necessarily mean it was trash, it was just a way for them to get a clean, fresh palate to start with.

Dr Oz: Organize Your Car + Wine Stain & Soap Scum Cleaning Hacks

Dr Oz brought in an organizational guru to help one busy mom organize her car and make it look like new again. ([email protected] / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Cleaning Out & Organizing Your Car

Heidi surprised Tamika by letting her surprise and relax on her own, while Heidi took over and organized the van for her. Tamika and Heidi were there, live in the studio, and Tamika explained that her kids were literally treating her van like a trashcan on wheels. She said she tries to clean out the van every week but she gets overwhelmed and it doesn’t always happen. Tamika had yet to see her newly organized minivan, and Dr Oz actually had one of her friends drive the van in for her to see it. It was parked out in the parking lot, so the three of them headed out to take a look.

Dr Oz opened up the trunk of the van and revealed a van that looked completly brand new and organized. Heidi explained that she used shower organizers and cut them in half, as well as makeup bags, to organize everything. Each pocket was labeled to show what was included. In the cabin the van, she used file boxes, more organizers, and another file box as a table in between the two bucket seats. Heidi removed a few blankets, DVD cases, and other items that didn’t belong in the van. Tamika was ecstatic over the results.

How have you gotten more organized? Do you have any secrets to getting your life more organized?

Dr Oz: Clean Wine Stains With Shaving Cream

If you’re not yet on Pinterest, you should know that it’s full of all kinds of cleaning cheats. Dr Oz wanted to know which ones can really help keep your home clean in less than 60 seconds, so his viewers helped him find three that work fantastically. First, have you ever spilled red wine on carpet? If you do, spray the stain immediately with shaving cream and work it into the carpet with shaving cream. After just 60 seconds, the stain was gone!

Next, you can use cooking spray to clean up soap scum. Just spray the surface with cooking spray and then wipe off using a clean towel to get rid of soap scum withvery little effort. Dr Oz explained that the oil helps get rid of the soap scum, but be careful not to put it on the bottom of the tub or you may fall. Third, Stacy used dryer sheets soaked in a grimy pan to clean them. A little warm water in a pan with some dryer sheets, will lift the grime right off without a struggle. Plus, it smells good afterward.

Do you have any cleaning hacks that work for you? What are your best cleaning tips and tricks?


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