Dr Oz: Organic Milk & Berries – How To Get Deals on Organic Food


Dr Oz: How To Get Deals On Organic Groceries

Organic Foods are a great option for people wanting to be more conscious about the foods they eat. But one of the biggest drawbacks to buying organic is that it can be very expensive. That’s why Dr. Oz invited Danny Seo, an organic shopping professional, to share ways we can all save money on our grocery bill and still get organic produce.

Dr Oz: Save On Organic

Learn strategies to save more on your organic shopping bill, and the best time to do your shopping.


Dr Oz: Organic Berries

Danny Seo said that after such a mild winter, this is a great time to buy organic berries. That’s because the favorable weather conditions generated a surplus of fresh fruits, so sellers are offering discounts of up to 25% off the typical prices.

There is a bumper crop of Florida strawberries this year, and Danny said you don’t have to worry about buying too many berries, because you can always frees what you can’t use immediately.

To do this, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, wash your strawberries, and slice them. Lay slices flat on the paper, then freeze them on the cookie sheet. Once they’re frozen, peel them off the paper and place them in a freezer safe container.


This is great advice, but my problem is that I don’t have much freezer space. I do love berries though, so I’ll keep these tips in mind for the future.

Doctor Oz: Organic Milk

Danny recommended choosing paper milk cartons over plastic, when available. That’s because the plastic cartons are translucent, which can reduce the healthy Riboflavins found in the milk.

He also suggested purchasing store brands. He said that national brands often contract with stores to manufacture the store brands, meaning you are basically getting the same product, just at a lower price. I swear by store brands in most cases, though there are a few exceptions that prove the rule.

When it comes to Organic Milk, there is such a thing as buying too much. Danny said you can’t freeze it because it will thaw with the consistency of gravy, which could lead to some lumpy and unappetizing cereal.

Dr. Oz: Organic Warehouse Shopping

You can split the cost of a warehouse membership, as well as the bulk items, with friends or neighbors. That way everyone can enjoy organic products while spreading the savings around.

Costco sells organic chicken for about $2.29 per pound, and frozen veggies can be almost $10 cheaper in bulk than at a typical grocery store.

Read more about Warehouse Shopping Savings Tips.

Doctor Oz: Best Time To Go Grocery Shopping

Dr. Oz revealed that Wednesday evening is the best time to get your organic produce. That’s because many stores roll out their new ads and sales prices on Tuesday of each week. By Wednesday, any surplus perishable items will be marked down, meaning extra savings for you.


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