Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Prevents Illness, Clears Up Acne & Kills Bacteria


Dr Oz: Lisa Oz Uses Reflexology To De-Stress

Dr. Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz, shared her favorite home remedies for constipation, stress and pain, as well as a sea salt face mask that will exfoliate your skin. She also went over how she uses reflexology to help Dr. Oz de-stress after a hard day. Keep reading to get even more home remedies the Oz’s love to use.

Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Supplement Prevents Illness

Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa said their favorite home remedy to treat all types of ailments, especially back pain, is oregano oil. Dr. Oz explained that oregano oil is anti-microbial, anti-bacteirial and anti-parasitic which helps to prevent you from getting sick and can help treat illnesses if you do get sick.


Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Prevents Illness, Clears Up Acne & Kills Bacteria

Dr. Oz and Lisa Oz went over their favorite uses for oregano oil, from clearing up acne to preventing illness to getting rid of bacteria in the mouth.

Dr. Oz suggested looking for oregano oil that has 50 percent carvacrol on the label and for capsules that are enteric coated.

Dr Oz: Add Oregano Oil To Toothpaste To Kill Germs

Dr. Oz said oregano oil can also kill the germs in your mouth. He said it literally kills germs and gets rid of bacteria. All you need to do to make it work is rub it on your gums. He also suggested using oregano oil as a mouthwash and adding it to your toothpaste which will help mask the strong flavor.


Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Used For Aromatherapy

Lisa Oz says her favorite way to boost her kids’ immune systems is by rubbing oregano oil on the bottoms of their feet and on their chests. She said her kids would literally wake up the next morning feeling a lot better.

Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Used To Clear Up Acne?

The last way you can use oil of oregano is to kill germs on your face, like in cases of acne or rosacea. Dr. Oz said it is important to use it correctly when using it this way though to make it work effectively. To make the oregano oil work correctly you need to use a carrier oil, such as sesame oil, because the oregano oil is too strong and it will irritate your skin. Simply add a few drops of the oregano oil to the sesame oil and use a cotton ball to dab the parts of your skin that are irritated.


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