Dr Oz: Orange Glasses for Melatonin Production & Yams Hormone Levels


Maximize Your Life: Recharge At 40+

Doctor Oz compared the body’s energy level to a battery that can sometimes seem to be drained. Did you ever guess that Orange Glasses, Calf Liver or Yams could recharge your body’s batteries?

Audience member Neff was on the show, and she is 41 years old. Dr Oz said that 40 is the point in life when our energy levels can seem to change. He said that noticing changes in your sleep can be an early flag that your body is changing.


Dr Oz: Orange Glasses for Melatonin Production

Dr Oz: Orange Glasses for Melatonin Production & Yams Hormone Levels

Do you feel run down or out of energy? Dr Oz shared three tips for women over 40 to recharge with yams, calf liver and orange glasses for Melatonin.

Everyone, especially those over age 40, is what Dr Oz called a Melatonin Saver. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is supposed to soothe us. Bright lights or screens have been proven in research to disrupt melatonin production.

Dr Oz said that wearing glasses with orange lenses can block the rays that disrupt Melatonin. Try wearing them for an hour or two before bedtime, your body will naturally increase your Melatonin levels.


Dr Oz: Calf Liver Vitamin B2

Afternoons are a time for naps and can often be tied to low energy. Here, Dr Oz suggested some foods that counterbalance this. A two-ounce serving of Calf Liver gives you a day’s worth of Vitamin B2.

Dr Oz: Sweet Potatoes Vs Yams for Hormone Levels

Mood Swings can also be associated with aging. Dr Oz said that the Hormone Helper for premenopausal women addresses the fluctuation of Progesterone. To quell the hormonal waves, Dr Oz suggested Yams.

Phytoestrogen from Yams can fuel your body better. In studies, eating Yams can increase Estrogen in the body by 26%. But don’t grab Sweet Potatoes. They are not the same!

Yams have a white flesh, whereas Sweet Potatoes have orange flesh. Sweet Potatoes are copper on the outside, and Yams are maroon. Try eating 1/2 Yam per day to even out your hormones.


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