Dr Oz: Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Review & $10 Coupon


Dr Oz: Blood Pressure

When you think of pressure, what do you think of? Maybe you are under pressure at work or at home. But when it comes to your health, the first type of pressure that probably comes to mind is Blood Pressure. Do you know what your typical Blood Pressure is? Did you know that it’s hereditary? Dr Oz highlighted the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor on his show and explained how you can keep your blood pressure in check.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure & Heredity

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared his Omron Blood Pressure Monitor review & explained how to avoid high blood pressure.


Dr Oz met a woman named Suzette, who said that she is worried about her Blood Pressure. She said that high blood pressure runs in her family, and she wanted to make sure that she kept an eye on this before it developed into a serious health problem.

Suzette’s last Blood Pressure reading was 137/92, which Dr Oz classified as borderline high. She blamed stress and her admittedly poor diet as contributing factors. Learn about High Vs Low Blood Pressure readings.

Dr Oz: What Is High Blood Pressure?

Dr Oz went through the causes of high blood pressure, explaining that plaque buildup in arteries makes it more difficult for blood to flow properly through your body. This ends up taking its toll on the Kidneys, which can actually shrivel and shrink as a consequence of high blood pressure.


Dr Oz: How To Prevent High Blood Pressure

There are a few easy ways you can help avoid high blood pressure. Healthy diet and exercise are important keys. You can also use a home blood pressure monitor to check in occasionally.

Dr Oz said doing this at home can be even better than doing it at your doctor’s office, because you can check it at different times of day and get a more accurate baseline.

Dr Oz: $10 Coupon – Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Oz and Suzette demonstrated an Omron home blood pressure monitor review. Shockingly, her reading was 177/108, which is dangerously high.

He told her to check her blood pressure a couple more times later on, and if the numbers were consistently that high, to make an appointment with her doctor.

As for the rest of us, Dr Oz offered a $10 off coupon toward the purchase of an Omron Blood Pressure device. However, this offer may have expired, since this is a repeat episode. If you can’t find a coupon at doctoroz.com, the deal has ended. But it’s still worth checking out a home blood pressure monitor for your health.



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