Dr Oz: Nurses of NY Med – Love Life & Career Balancing Act


Dr. Oz: Always Watching What People Eat

A short clip at the beginning of the segment shows Dr. Oz how he always is; making sure everyone is healthy and staying healthy. Dr. Ox walks around a nurses cafeteria inspecting what everyone is eating to make sure they are staying healthy. You definitely can not take the doctor out of Dr. Oz. Ever.

Dr. Oz: The Nurses of NY Med

Dr. Oz said the nurses at any hospital are the life blood of the hospital. They are the people that spend long hours taking care of the patients every need and they are the ones that connect patients to doctors and vice versa. According to Dr. Oz nurses are what keep hospitals up and running.


Dr. Oz: Nurses Love Life

Dr Oz: Nurses of NY Med - Love Life & Career Balancing Act

Dr. Oz sits down with the nurses of NY Med and finds out about their lives and the struggles of being a nurse.

None of these very attractive nurses can seem to find a man that can fit into their busy schedules, although all of them seem to want to find someone that does.

  • Marina Dedivanovic said she has a boyfriend right now but it does not seem very serious and she does not seem very happy with it.
  • Diana Costine said she is still single but still looking for a boyfriend.
  • Katie Duke said she is single as well but because she chooses to be. She said she is only 31 and she is a full time nurse as well as a graduate student. She said now is not the right time for her to have a love life.

Dr. Oz: The Pranksters

Katie Duke is the notorious prankster on the show, once playing dead inside a body bag and having one of the doctors open it up because it was an emergency. He literally jumped out of his skin he was so scared.


Dr. Oz: Being a Nurse – Career Balancing Act

Dr. Oz asked the nurses how they deal with the all the uncomfortable things they have to deal with everyday. Costine said being an ER nurse is constantly a balancing act. She said they all care for their patients but they have to be careful to not become too attached.

Duke said the most rewarding thing every day is watching someone go home healthy and happy. Duke said even when she does the smallest thing and it makes some one that much happier, she has had a good day at the hospital.

Dedivanovic was asked if she though the show portrayed nurses the right way. She said she thought it did a great job showing exactly what they do each day and the struggles they go through.


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